Disney travels: It's a diamond celebration...part 2

With the dreadfully long day I had travelling and spending the evening saying goodbye to Disneyland's 60th anniverasy, you'd think I would have woke up rather late and after a long stretch of sleep on my first full day, but no, not me, despite being utterly exhausted and questioning how my body was even working still, I of course got hit by dreaded jet lag. Let's just say the park opened at 10am and between waking up and being in the park at 9.45am waiting for official opening, I had unpacked, organised all my stuff, washed and styled hair, makeup, had breakfast, popped to CVS, walked to the park and even chilled out while making use of starbucks wifi, while slowly drinking a cup of tea, none of which was done at anything but a slow pace either.
But on with the day, after finishing up my cup of tea and heading back through the security and gates, I was excitedly in Disney's California Adventure by 9.45am and waiting for the park to officially open so I could grab the elusive fastpass for Radiator Springs Racer and of course jump on for a ride without hopefully queueing too long, it seem pretty much everyone else had the same idea too but luckily the park didn't seem overly busy and with FP in hand not much after 10.05am, I headed off to the ride in hope single rider line wasn't too busy which to my amazement it was empty, I had read that even that queue could be around 20 minutes not long after park opening but I must have got lucky with it the whole trip, I never waited more than 5 minutes and as for the actual ride? I LOVED it, it's my second favourite of the whole park and I wish it was located next to California screaming' so I could just hop between the both of them all day long without having to walk far.

The whole Cars land area is new since my last visit and although I'm not really a fan of the film, I really enjoyed it, it seems so well done and the added rides are some great additions, it's definitely nice to have some more rides that are unique to each park, it makes them each more special in their own way. Being back at the California parks really did remind me just how much I love them and question why it had taken so long to return.

After enjoying a couple of rides on Radiator Springs Racer, having a walk around the area and soaking it all up, it was time to head over to my absolute favourite part of this park, Paradise Pier. I love this section of DCA, not only because it has one of my absolute favourite rides from any Disney park but I love the feel and look of it, it's one of those areas at a Disney park that's really unique which is probably why I love to spend quite a bit of time here when in California.

More rides were enjoyed, characters met, shopping done and a little pop over to Disneyland park before a much needed rests called for, my feet had got to the point of giving up on me, my back was angry and my eyes heavy so a little sleep was called for and a few hours later I headed back to California Adventure to enjoy some of my favourites again and to use my fastpass for World of Color.

I was really impressed with my spot for World of Color, when I joined the waiting area there were maybe, about 15 people already there so I knew I was in luck, however when it came to getting a spot where we'd actually view it from I decided not to go and stand at the very front, it seemed like I'd have half a partial body in my way anyway and with being short I figured I'd do better standing right at the front on the more elevated section slightly further back. Now the show itself, it was really well done and as with most Disney shows, so pretty and great but it wasn't amazing to me, it didn't blow me away like others I enjoy, I had watched it on youtube in the past a few times though and had a feeling I'd love it in person but it wouldn't be up there with my favourites and I was right. However tomorrow would bring an absolute highlight of this trip so it was back to the hotel for a much needed good nights sleep and to rest these tired feet.


  1. Ahh you met Nick and Judy! <3333

    1. I did indeed, they were must do's on my list for character meets :)


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