Happiness in September

Honestly, I probably sound so receptive now but these posts just seem to be coming round quicker and quicker, last month I was cringing at all the mentions of Autumn, winter and even worse, Christmas but now it suddenly feels like it isn't that far, we're in October and that means it's just 2 months away!
So, what has been making me happy throughout September, honestly there isn't a large amount of things to mention, it's not that I haven't been happy because believe me, I have. It's just the month had one HUGE occasion that delivered so much happiness, which of course was my big Disney trip.

Disneyland - it had a been a very long 7 years since I was last in Disneyland and with memories I'd rather not remember anymore, I couldn't wait to get back there and make new ones, not to mention enjoy the 60th anniversary celebrations and just be back in the very special park, and the trip did not disappoint.

Spending time with my sister - I can't remember the last time we'd spent some real quality time together, obviously we'd had some nice days out and maybe the odd night but nothing more. Spending 10 days together, surrounded by Disney magic was amazing, we laughed until our stomachs hurt, we cried happy tears and made ever lasting memories, it truly was special.

Mickey's not so scary halloween party - Attending one of these parties has been on my bucket list for some time now, I regretted not going while I was at WDW last year and despite the hour and half of dreadful weather that meant spending that time hiding away in Starbucks it was such a fun night and one I'll remember for many years to come

Seeing Minnie - my cat not the mouse, although my many meets with Minnie Mouse throughout September were of course very much a part of my reason for being happy but coming home from holiday to my fur baby was a huge part of my happiness. I was never that person who was crazy about a pet and to be honest I'm normally a miserable wreck at the end of a holiday but the thought of cuddles with my baby again made going home much easier and actually for the first time ever, something to be happy about.

Disney cruise - of course I couldn't not mention this because it gave me smile after smile for the week we were aboard the Disney Fantasy, there is honestly not a single thing to moan about on this cruise, in true Disney style it was magical & perfect and is certainly a huge factor for my happiness in September.

I hope you've all had some if not, many reasons to be happy throughout September, feel free to share some with me in the comments :)

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  1. This all sounds so amazing! I wish I could experience it all :)


    Gemma xx


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