Disney travels: It's a Fantasy come true...part 1

From the minute I stepped aboard my first cruise ship, the Disney Magic back in January 2014 I instantly knew it wouldn't be a one off. It was beautiful, and all my worries and fears about hating being on a cruise ships were quickly gone and replaced with feelings of Disney magic and pure joy. I spent a lot of time afterwards dreaming about booking another cruise, I had in fact booked 2 following that but both had to be cancelled, the 3rd time I booked again, I knew there was no way I wasn't going. And finally September 2016 came round and it was time to board the Disney Magic's bigger but younger sister, The Fantasy.


Disney travels: Starting a Disney Fantasy

Somehow Friday just gone was 6 weeks since I said goodbye to Disneyland and flew from LA to Orlando for the next Disney filled fun part of my adventure, I honestly can't believe it was so long ago already, I still have post Disney blues, I still wish that I was back on that ship every. single. day and I still and probably forever will, wish I could just do the trip all over again.

Autumn lust list

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A new season means only one thing....shopping of course, well as long as we leave the obvious things aside anyway. It's the perfect excuse to refresh the wardrobe and home, both need a new look to go with the new season. Ok, I'm not trying to fool anyone, any excuse to shop, actually I don't even bother trying to find an excuse anymore but a new season really is an opportunity that can't be wasted.

Disney travels: It's a diamond celebration...part 4

My last day in Disneyland had arrived, and it was a sad and depressing occasion, I just love it here so much and didn't want to leave, why couldn't they just let me stay forever? it's not like they don't have the room up in The Dream Suite ;) but I intended to end my stay with something fun....

Disney travels: It's a diamond celebration...part 3

Today started off with a huge amount of excitement, not that any day at a Disney park doesn't but today was exceptionally exciting, today I would tick something else off my Disney bucket list and no doubt spend a matter of occasions over the next 3 or so hours with tears in my eyes, yes I was excited to be crying haha but I was booked on the Walk in Walt's footsteps tour.

Disney travels: It's a diamond celebration...part 2

With the dreadfully long day I had travelling and spending the evening saying goodbye to Disneyland's 60th anniverasy, you'd think I would have woke up rather late and after a long stretch of sleep on my first full day, but no, not me, despite being utterly exhausted and questioning how my body was even working still, I of course got hit by dreaded jet lag. Let's just say the park opened at 10am and between waking up and being in the park at 9.45am waiting for official opening, I had unpacked, organised all my stuff, washed and styled hair, makeup, had breakfast, popped to CVS, walked to the park and even chilled out while making use of starbucks wifi, while slowly drinking a cup of tea, none of which was done at anything but a slow pace either.

Happiness in September

Honestly, I probably sound so receptive now but these posts just seem to be coming round quicker and quicker, last month I was cringing at all the mentions of Autumn, winter and even worse, Christmas but now it suddenly feels like it isn't that far, we're in October and that means it's just 2 months away!
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