Looking back: San Diego

I've been doing it yet again, looking back over past holiday photos and wanted to share another destination that I've been lucky to visit with you, San Diego.
7 years ago I set off on what was my biggest adventure to date, no I didn't travel for months on end or from one side of the world or even a country to the other but I did manage to explore a few different destinations in one 3 week trip, taking in some of California and Las Vegas which I did mention back in my Las Vegas post. 
The holiday, still till this day is one of my favourites I've been on, partly due to the places I got to visit and also that it was a trip of many places. As much as I love travelling and checkin in to a hotel, unpacking and knowing I'm there for a week and can just relax and make it my little home for that time, I also really do love moving from place to place. Spending a few nights in a nice hotel, exploring a new place before moving onto the next just excites me that little bit more, this is probably why a road trip across America is one of my dream trips. It's not that I get bored in one place if I stay there too long, it's just I love making the most of a trip and feel multi centre holidays are such a great way to do so.

I spent 3 nights in San Diego and if I'm honest, I wasn't blown away. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad place but having flown in from Las Vegas which I instantly fell in love with, it had a lot to live up to and it just didn't compare for me, of course it is silly to compare these places because they're so different that it's like comparing apples and oranges which is just stupid but when I had just spent 4 nights in a place that blew me away straight away it was hard not to.
I also don't feel I got the most out of my visit either, with only 3 days there I wish I'd spent 2 of them just exploring the areas that this highly spoke of place has, instead of wasting a day at Seaworld (please no judgement). The Zoo on the other hand was absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend a visit, it's definitely somewhere I'd return to if I ever found myself back in San Diego, which I hope one day I do so that I can give it a second chance to impress me because I feel like it deserves it.

Have you ever visited San Diego, what did you think? or do you ave it on your list of places you'd like to visit?

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