Happiness in August

August has been a bit of a crazy month for me, more crazier than I was expecting anyway, for months I'd been thinking with it being the month before my Disney trip it would be slow, quiet and pretty non eventful but it came with it's ups and downs, downs were health ones but as always I tried not to let that spoil everything for me and also had plenty of happy, fun times.

Beach days - I had two beach days this month, one I guess you could say was more fake than the other but I still like to class it as a beach day. A wonderful day at Stratford's beach fest and an amazing day at beautiful Bournemouth 

Countdown - Knowing my big trip is so soon, being able to finally say I go 'next month' has been so exciting, I love it when it reaches this point, it's the final stages of the countdown and the excitement just goes up a crazy level

Seeing friends - This one sort of comes under one of my beach days but I felt it deserved a separate mention, it was so wonderful to see my lovely, great friends Lottie & Chelsea, we had such a lovely day enjoying fish & chips on the beach, delicious ice cream and having a huge catch up. Can't wait till we do it again

Fresh hair - If you're anything like me, a fresh colour and cut makes you feel fabulous and it certainly did for me this month, my hair has been in need of both for a couple of months now but I've just been terrible at getting my bum to my hairdresser and having it done but of course with my holiday just around the corner there was no way I was leaving the country without it done and as always I'm very pleased with it, now let's just hope the brown lasts through the 80+ degree sunshine (colour fades terribly quick in my hair)

Booking ADR's - Last week was an exciting day for Walt Disney World holiday planning, it was time to book restaurants for my trip in February with the lovely Lottie and we were lucky enough to get every single one we wanted, including Be Our Guest for lunch & dinner and breakfast for our first morning at Cinderella's Royal Table. We've made some great ADR's and I'm so excited for the trip.

Smiles & laughter - Despite issues I've been having this month trying to get some health problems under control, I've spent a lot of the month just generally smiling and laughing through happiness and it's felt so good. I love it when you just feel happy in life an it manages to shine through on an almost daily basis.

What have been your highlights for making you happy through August? wising you all a happy September!

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