Disney travels: And the adventure begins

Making the decision to holiday solo is no doubt a big step for many and one I'd been wanting to take for quite some time, in fact I almost did last year but a friend ended up joining me on Walt Disney World trip but this year I finally took the step and stuck to the plan.
Although only 4 nights out of 14 of this trip will be solo, it's a start and I think a good amount to see how I get on with it, so as you read this I'll no doubt be sorting out my last minute things, tying up any loose ends at home and be heading off to the airport for the night soon enough.

I'm actually really excited to experience Disney alone, I can't wait to wonder around the parks by myself, with no one to have to worry about, doing exactly what I want to do and when I want to do it, it's going to be a great experience, at least I really hope it is and hopefully will give me even more confidence to travel alone more often as it's something I'd really like to more often.

After over a year of planning, or at least starting to plan this trip, because it just got longer and longer over the following months haha, just like any Disney trips tends to with me, I can't believe it's finally here, I honestly feel like we've been counting down for what feels like forever, my holiday companions (sister & mum) are not happy they have to wait a few more nights for their trip to begin but are so excited of course.

There are so many things I'm really looking forward to on this trip, I couldn't pick a certain one or put them in the order but I'm really eager to get to Disneyland now, I can't wait to be on that flight tomorrow. This will be my second visit ever to the California parks and I'm excited to see the changes since I was last there in 2009 and to make new memories, since the last time I was there something major and at the time extremely huge moment in my life happened but that portion of my life is over with now so it will be nice to replace those memories and think of it for wonderful, fun reasons again.
I'll be spending 4 days, well 3.5 between Disneyland and California adventure and thankfully i'll see the last few hours of the 60th celebrations, thank gawd for that as I'd have been absolutely gutted if I missed it completely.

After that I'll be flying over to Orlando for a brief night at Walt Disney World and then finally be boarding the beautiful Disney Fantasy cruise ship, wow 15 months after booking the cruise we'll finally be going on it and I'm excited for the food, the service, the character meets, the entertainment and getting back to the absolute stunning Castaway Cay

As you can probably imagine, posts will likely not be as regular as my usual Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday schedule but I'll try my best to update and add posts about my adventures as often as I can find the time between meeting Minnie Mouse and drinking cocktails.

See ya real soon!

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