When the beach comes to London

When it comes to seasons throughout the year, there is no doubt that Summer wins for me, hands down it's my absolute favourite. Nothing beats a glorious, hot, sunny day while sat outside at your favourite local restaurant and enjoying a nice meal with cocktails.
However, living in London I have to admit that it does also leave me lusting after a life of living by the beach, it's the one thing I always find myself lusting after when the weather is good. Toes in the sand, ice cream in hand and just watching the sea, is one of those little life moments that make me so happy and always guaranteed to put a smile on my face.
I dream of owning one of those cute, little pastel beach huts that I can go and enjoy on days like today, with my bottle of prosecco and delicious snack while slumped in my deck chair just relaxing and soaking up some vitamin D.

Unfortunately, that is all just a dream, for now I'm stuck in this over crowded, hectic place they call London with no sand to get in my toes, no sea air to enjoy, and no doughnuts and candy floss to crave, so when I heard about Beach East at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park it was clear that I had to make a visit, it's the closest I was going to get a beach without having to jump in my car and drive 2 hours.

So on Saturday with the beautiful day predicted, I headed to enjoy the sunshine with an afternoon at the 'beach', we arrived around 1pm and the queue to get in wasn't bad at all, in fact we didn't even really queue at all but upon getting inside it was quite packed, more busy than I expected in fact which is rather stupid on my part because it is the school holidays and was a Saturday after all. 

The little huts with food and arcade games, even some funfair rides really did instantly put me at the beach, it smelt like the beach, it looked like the beach, well as long as you didn't focus too far forward on the West Ham stadium sign to one side and the building site to the other ;) 

After a little walk around and a flashback to my childhood with losing all my 2p's on the machines, we grabbed some food, which stupidly we opted for a pizza rather than the traditional fish & chips I normally love to enjoy when I have a day at the seaside, it was time to find a spot on the sand and relax. 

It was fun to spend a couple of hours there but as the afternoon carried on and more people came, you really started to feel how crowded it became. Queues for drinks, food, ride tokens and so on all become pretty long, you couldn't really walk around without bumping into people and with that it was my time to leave. It was a fun place to spend some time and a great idea to bring a little beach life to London but it doesn't come close to the real thing and unfortunately it just felt a little too crowded at times to me, maybe if they could expand the space it would help.

There is a £2 entry fee, however you are given a couple of 50p and £1 vouchers to use on food, drink & ride tokens so you get that back in those. It might not be the real thing, it may be a little too small in space with the amount of people that visit but if you're looking for something to do and get a little taste of that seaside life without having to leave our city then it's worth popping down to check out.


  1. Oh wow, this looks amazing! I live at the seaside so I'm right by the beach but it's so cool that they brought the beach to London! xo


  2. Now That's a beach! I love that carousel!


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