Sephora Wishlist

Hello you lovely friends, sorry I've slacking on the post front this week but I've not been feeling my best and I was planning on coming back today to tell you all about my visit to Sky Garden in London which I was meant to visit yesterday, but unfortunately, that didn't happen either.

Instead I figured I'd share my Sephora shopping list with you. As I'm heading to America pretty soon, as always I've been spending time writing that all important list of must buy products, I do it before every trip and go to my favourite store armed with said list and lots of dollars and spend about an hour in my element, touching, drooling and buying all the makeup.

So 'what do you have on your list this year?' I hear you ask, well wait no more because the answer is here, well some of it anyway because I don't want to give everything away before I've been.

Do you make a Sephora wishlist or any other store for that matter before a trip? if so, let me know which stores so I can see what else I could to spend all my money on haha! 

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  1. I am going to Orlando end of next month and have been planning my shopping spree since I booked the flights on Christmas day! I am hoping to go Sephora as I have never had a chance to visit but I do enjoy Bath and Body Works.


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