Happiness in July

Hello all you lovely people. How have we passed the half way point of 2016 already? it just seems crazy, I hope its proving to be a good one for you all, personally I've been really enjoying it and loved the first half but it would be good if this part of 2016 could go a bit slower.
Following on from my post about searching for lost happiness I wanted to start a little monthly series to not only share the things that have made me happy each month but to also be a little reminder for myself, somewhere I can read over every now and then and remind myself of all the big and little things that have put a smile on my face each month, I always think it's so important that we remember the little reasons to smile as well as those more bigger moments.

So, what has made me happy in July...

Spending time with friends - I had a lovely weekend in the middle of July when one of my best friends came to stay, living nearly 200 miles apart we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like and we've been slacking in making the effort for some time so this catch up was well over due. We had such a lovely time shopping, visiting some of Londons most famous landmarks, an afternoon at London Dungeon and even a went on a Jack the Ripper tour and of course no weekend together would be complete without the all important food & cocktails

Sunshine - Nothing puts me in a great mood quicker than the sunshine and this beautiful weather we've been having this past month has certainly been one of the reasons for a happy July, I've been making the most of the glorious hot days as much as I can, after all being Britain, we don't know how long it will last and the rain and grey days turns up again 

Visit to Disneyland Paris - It was just a brief visit to celebrate my sisters birthday but still a fun one, Disney bounding for the first time at the parks also added to the experience and it's something wee will definitely be doing more often from now on. The trip certainly very much put us in the mood for our Disney filled September

Summer picnic - I'd been wanting to have a picnic for so long now, I'm talking the last couple of summers and it's something I still hadn't got around to but a couple of weekends ago, with no plans I finally decided to move my lazy bum to the shops, get some tasty treats and head for a lovely picnic at my local park, and a lovely afternoon it was. That's something ticked off my summer bucket list

Lotties Disney trip - Sometimes it's not just your own life and adventures that make you smile, my lovely friend over at Lottie does headed of on an exciting trip in July, something that would tick a big thing off her Disney bucket list, something many of us Disney fans dream about, she visited Shanghai and Hong Kong Disneyland parks, meaning she has now listed EVERY. SINGLE. DISNEY, I know, how amazing? I loved reading about her trip over on her blog, seeing updates on Twitter & Instagram and it was lovely to know she was having such a great time and got to do some amazing things, I can't wait to see her in person now for a good catch up and to hear every detail

My first blog giveaway - I got an opportunity to host my first blog giveaway this month, thanks to the lovely people at The Disney Store and I couldn't be more excited about it. It's nice to giveback to you lovely readers and the fact it's Disney themed makes it all the more better. If you haven't entered then why not? it's simple, just click here

What have been your highlights in July? I'd love to hear what's put a smile on your face this past month

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