Flight essentials to stay hydrated

It's well known that flights are absolutely awful for drying your skin out and making you feel a little yuk, especially when they're long haul and I hold my hands up to be one of those people who did very little to help the skin drying out situation, well I was that person a few years back but now I've become a little more obsessed with wanting to help treat my skin better, my last few flights I've made positive steps to help keep hydrated.
When packing my essentials for my hang luggage I now have a list of must have items to help with my skin along with the usual things like headphones, jumper, socks etc and those important bits to freshen up with.

First and foremost, face wipes are an absolute must, although they aren't something I use day to day to clean my skin or remove makeup when I'm on a  flight it's a different story purely due to the ease of them, it would be far too much hassle to take everything for my full on cleansing routine so I always make sure I have a pack of wipes and the minute I'm in my seat and relaxed then my makeup comes off. I know it seems pretty pointless even bothering to put makeup on in the first place then, but I'm just one of those people who has to, if you're the same then I know you'll understand.
Makeup, especially foundation just makes my skin feel gross through a flight so I just find it better to take it off pretty early on and let me skin breath, then of course I'll apply some moisturiser and enjoy the fresh face till just before I land.

The Body shop vitamin E moisture spray is my most recent discovery, I picked this up last year for my flight to Disney World and loved it, having this to spritz my face every now and then when it started to feel a little dry or in need of something was great. It's so refreshing and cooling, I also used it while I was in the parks, as like I say it felt lovely and cooling, this is one item I won't get on a flight without now. Of course, along with rehydrating my face every now and then constantly throughout the flight, you will also find me applying some kind of lip balm every few minutes too, usually it's my beloved Carmex which I find so moisturising.
I also like to take eye drops with me as my eyes are another thing that tend to get a little dry and itchy towards the end of a flight so I'll tend to pop a drop in each eye, usually towards the end of the flight and it helps loads.

Deodorant, antibacterial hand wash and a little mini body moisturiser are another of my 3 must pack items for a flight, I don't want to be getting off that plane smelling or with a nice fresh face and the rest of my skin looking a dried out, scaly mess.

So, those are my hand luggage must haves to help me stay hydrated and fresh, of course on top of using all these products I make sure I drink plenty of water throughout the flight too. What items do you make sure you always take with you?


  1. I don't fly very often however I do travel on trains and tubes an awful lot and find my face dries out like crazy...starting with dry skin puts me at a disadvantage anyway! However I think I'll give some of these products a go in an attempt to bring some moisture to my face.

    Alicia x

  2. I never used to take anything on the plane with me but now, I love to take a little pot of moisturiser and a lip baln when I remember! Nothing much but at least I won't have awful flaky skin :p xx
    Wander with Laura


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