2016 mid year(ish) goals

Somehow we're half way through August and this year seems to be going faster than Usain Bolt running towards his next gold medal, I don't know if it's just me but the older I get the faster the years seem to go, anyone else feel like that?

I know technically we're more than half way through the year but since August rolled round I seem to have started to think about the things I told myself I wanted to do and achieve when the year started and if I'd stuck on track with those, the new things I realised I want to achieve this year, and of course I had to share with you lovely lot.

Visit a new country - I've visited a few places this year but so far they've all been repeat ones, but before the year is over this one will 100% be given a big tick

Stay happy & positive - This was one I was certain I wanted to be one of my main goals for 2016 and for the most part I've definitely stuck with it and am determined to continue to do so for the remainder of the year and further on

Be good with money - I know, I know, at my age this probably shouldn't be one but in the last 18 months I became quite naughty with money, living a bit crazy and using those little plastic 'emergency' friends for emergency shoes and makeup. I should know better as I had learnt my lesson some years back and for a good 7 years I refused to even think about getting any kind of credit but well, things happen and when I get down I spend, I like credit cards but I'm determined by the end of the year to clear my card, stop using it for unnecessary purchases and really stick with having it for emergencies only

Attend a blogger event - I always see Instagram, twitter and snapchat posts from bloggers at events and they always look so much fun, I'd love to attend my first one before the year is out and meet some of the lovely bloggers I speak to online 

Get back into baking - Last year I started baking and up to the early part of this year I was into it in a huge way, you'd find me in the kitchen baking something at least once a week but the last few months I've really slacked with it and have hardly baked a simple sponge cake but I'm determined that once I'm back from my holiday I'm going to really get back into it and the smell of freshly baked cake, cookies and so on will be a frequent thing from my kitchen

Do more fashion posts - I've done a couple and the photos aren't exactly amazing, or even close but I'd love to do more fashion posts and of course Disney bounding outfits fall into that category, I just need to have my photographer (my sister) get a lot of practise in

Reach my next Bloglovin' & Instagram follower goal - Yes, yes we all say it, numbers aren't important and don't mean everything and while this is true, let's be honest, we all love the little confidence boost that gaining more followers gives us, I'm trying to work harder and harder on both this blog and my Instagram so I'd love to reach 100 Bloglovin followers and 2000 Instagram before the year is out 

And there are my goals for the remainder of 2016 but most importantly, here's a great quote I came across on Pinterest that we should always remind ourselves.....

How are you going in achieving those goals that you set yourself this year? have you made new mid year ones?  

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