Disney trip shopping list

Let's face it, when it comes to Disney trips there's a lot of thought that goes into all the planning, planning your days, planning your restaurants choices, of course your outfits is also a major one and then there's one more thing I love to do, make a shopping list, a Disney shopping list.

Flight essentials to stay hydrated

It's well known that flights are absolutely awful for drying your skin out and making you feel a little yuk, especially when they're long haul and I hold my hands up to be one of those people who did very little to help the skin drying out situation, well I was that person a few years back but now I've become a little more obsessed with wanting to help treat my skin better, my last few flights I've made positive steps to help keep hydrated.

Scrub love - mint coffee scrub

If you haven't heard of coffee scrubs by now then where have you been hiding? they've been mentioned all over the likes of Instagram, blogs, Twitter and so on for quite some time and they're definitely something that I've been intrigued by.

2016 mid year(ish) goals

Somehow we're half way through August and this year seems to be going faster than Usain Bolt running towards his next gold medal, I don't know if it's just me but the older I get the faster the years seem to go, anyone else feel like that?


Sephora Wishlist

Hello you lovely friends, sorry I've slacking on the post front this week but I've not been feeling my best and I was planning on coming back today to tell you all about my visit to Sky Garden in London which I was meant to visit yesterday, but unfortunately, that didn't happen either.


When the beach comes to London

When it comes to seasons throughout the year, there is no doubt that Summer wins for me, hands down it's my absolute favourite. Nothing beats a glorious, hot, sunny day while sat outside at your favourite local restaurant and enjoying a nice meal with cocktails.

Disney bounding: I'm the boss!

As you may have seen from my Summer fun at Disneyland post, last week I headed off to Disneyland Paris for the day and used it as an opportunity to finally Disney bound at the parks, I can't believe it's taken me all these years and visits to actually do it, and great fun it was.

Happiness in July

Hello all you lovely people. How have we passed the half way point of 2016 already? it just seems crazy, I hope its proving to be a good one for you all, personally I've been really enjoying it and loved the first half but it would be good if this part of 2016 could go a bit slower.
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