My essentials for a Disney trip

A Disney trip is always one of the most exciting things to plan and prepare for and with my next trip fast approaching, that feeling has well and truly kicked in, before I know it I'll be packing my case once again for some exciting, magical days with Mickey & co.
Of course with the a getting closer it always comes to the point of thinking about those essentials needed for a trip, the items you'd literally kick yourself to leave behind and feel are necessary for any Disney visit, so as I'm putting my packing list military spreadsheet together I thought it would be a great idea to share those essentials with you.

Of course to carry some of the following essentials in we need a handbag, now personally I love a cross body bag for the parks. It makes everything in my bag easy to get to and most importantly it keeps my hands free which for me is a must when at Disney, I don't want to be holding a bag while trying to take a spontaneous photo or just getting in the way of hugs with my favourite characters or that selfie and not forgetting it certainly makes it easier for the rides, having a cross body bag means I don't need to cling onto it while whizzing around on Big Thunder Mountain.

So whats piled into that bag? obviously I don't dare head to Disney without my phone & camera, two huge must have items for me to capture those special moments and look back on to be reminded of the amazing memories that were made, I love to have my phone to snap photos with as well as my camera and not forgetting it comes in handy for using the My Disney experience app while in the WDW parks to make dining reservations, fast passes, check queue times and so on. It's time to down size that purse, you don't need your Tesco, Boots, Superdrug & so on points cards and not to mention all the other junk (numerous useless receipts you have in there so just opt for a small purse, with lots of money and a credit card ;) because let's be honest here, we're at Disney and along with that means spending quite a bit of money, you can't leave those parks without being suckered into buying all sorts, a new cup to add to the stupid amount thats already taken over your kitchen cupboards, another pair of ears that aren't needed but you convince ourself they are, that cute Mickey and Minnie t-shirt and yet another pin or 5 no doubt.

No Disney trip would be right without the all important ears, you simply cannot even consider walking around the parks and not sporting a pair and of course along with those ears to wear I also don't leave behind some of my favourite Disney tops, because if you can't go all out with the Disney attire while at the parks then when can you?

If there's something else you want to certainly make sure you have, it's comfy shoes. You will do a lot and I mean a LOT of walking, this is not the type of place to bring those stunning heels that despite looking gorgeous make your feet swollen and blistered when you even attempt to actually walk in them. Although little confession here, some years ago I was that idiot you'd spot in the parks with the 4-5 inch heels/wedges but we won't even go into that, thinking Disney parks were some kind of fashion catwalk, what the heck was wrong with me?

You'll probably also want to make sure you pop a portable charger into your bag, because lets face it, there's no way our iPhone batteries are going to last even close to a full day at the parks, if you're anything like me you're conscious of germs in place full of so many people and when you're enjoying those Disney snacks its nice to just have something to freshen your hands up so I always have a little antibacterial gel on me. And something that I've never bothered with before but will on my upping trip, an autograph book, something I'd definitely consider an essential especially if you love your character meets, so I am sat here wondering why I've never actually bothered with this one? don't worry, I promise I will fix this error from now on.

What are some of your essentials for your Disney trips?

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