Disney travels: Summer fun at Disneyland Paris

On Thursday, my sister & I boarded a very stupidly early Eurostar for a day of fun at Disneyland Paris. It was a long, exhausting but extremely fun day, we hugged our furry friends, rode our favourite rides and skipped down Main Street in the sun.

This trip also meant my time to finally watch the new and very much talked about Mickey & the magician show, I'd stayed away from most spoilers and had only seen a few photos but had read so many comments about it on Twitter, all singing its praises and without giving any spoilers myself, it was fantastic. Definitely one of my favourite Disney shows I've watched, The Lion King section gave me goosebumps and brought a tear to my eye, if you're in DLP while this is on then do not miss it.

Trying to squeeze 2 parks and as much in as possible in the space of about 8 hours is not easy, but considering the larger crowds than I'm used to we did manage pretty well. Most of our must do's were ticked off, including Tower of terror a couple of times because once is just not enough for our favourite ride. 
The day started a little grey and chilly but the sun started to shine by the afternoon and it turned into a lovely day weather wise, in fact we even got a little souvenir sun tan.

I'm glad we did the trip, it was a perfect was to celebrate my sisters birthday and it's always nice spending time together at Disney, not to mention how excited it made us for the up coming adventure but I think that is it when it comes to day trips now, they're just too tiring and since I've found an appreciation for Disneyland Paris, they're simply not long enough. We walked out the gates wishing we had booked a night at least, the day just went by so quickly.

Have you taken a day trip to Disneyland Paris or visited this summer season? if so, I hope you had a lovely time or if you're counting down to a trip, it's a magical one.

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