Disney movie night #6

Finally, this month I decided to pick the film you've all probably been wondering why I haven't chose yet...Beauty and The Beast and a fun night it was. 
I have to admit that trying to come up with a menu was more tough than I expected it to be, obviously dessert was easy but starters and main, not so much.
I did initially think and want to do French onion soup to start but my sister doesn't really eat onions so that was out, weeks and days later and the night was getting closer, I was starting to stress because I still hadn't thought up something so I decided to check Walt Disney World's 'Be our guest' menu for some ideas, despite not eating cheese myself I made cheese soufflé for my mum & sister with home made garlic bread on the side which I of course was able to enjoy, because who doesn't love garlic bread?
For mains, I went with steak, I honestly couldn't think of anything else and knew that would go down well, obviously it was served with Pomme Frites just like in the Be our guest restaurant  and because I was feeling extra kind to my guests, I made them two desserts ;)
It was not even a question that I'd have to make 'The grey stuff' and it certainly was delicious, I did have a slight fail though, as I was piping the topping, my piping bag broke and as it was my last one I had no choice but to just layer it on rather than applying it all pretty as planned, it's all about the taste though and that was perfect so who cares if it didn't look perfect. I also made crepes with strawberries, bananas, marshmallows and chocolate sauce for topping as they were a huge hit from Disney movie night #3. As you can probably see, I went down the French route rather than basing all the food on the actual film.

We finished the evening with Disney cruise vlogs and lots of chatting about how excited we all are because the trip is getting so, so close now. There's just 2 of these evenings left before we go which is just crazy to think about, I honestly can't quite believe it's just 2 months away now.


  1. After stumbling across your blog (which i'm now obsessed with) me and my family have started this little tradition before our October trip, it's such a lovely idea! Nina x

    1. Aw thank you and I'm excited that you've now started the same tradition in the run up to your trip, hope you enjoy all your movies nights :D


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