Booking a Disney adventure #2

I'm now less than 2 months away from my big Disney adventure, honestly I can't believe I've gone from a countdown of over a year and now less than 60 days away, it seems crazy. As it is getting closer I figured I better get on with telling you how I went about booking the next part, well actually it was the first part I booked but I won't confuse you so we'll stick with the order it's all happening on the trip and therefore its the 2nd part, if you haven't ready part 1 you can do here.
Due to the added extra destination I decided to add on to this trip, I now needed to book a flight from LA to Orlando rather than London to Orlando, so of course I took to my trusty Skyscanner again to search for flights, selected direct because quite frankly I didn't want to waste the full day travelling from the West coast to the East and price different wasn't that much, my cheapest option was Virgin America which was a great result for me as they're an airline I've only heard great things about and wanted to try out. I ended up booking my flight about 9 months out for just over $200, I then did what is normally the worst thing to do, I kept an eye on the flight price and about 4-6 weeks later it dropped, not just a little drop but around $80 dollars so a significant amount. Now, US airlines, well some have this wonderful scheme where they'll refund you the difference if the flight price drops, amazing huh? so a little email of to the wonderful team at Virgin America and I was given a credit for the difference, not as great as a refund but still a brilliant bonus and no doubt I'll be using it for a flight at some point.

On to the first thing that ever got booked for this trip, the cruise, which was done way back in June 2015. When it came to booking, for me there was only one option, direct with Disney Cruise line. You won't find anyone else cheaper, your deposit is fully refundable up to around 120 days before sailing (exact timing depends on cruise length/itinerary/sailing date) and I can have my balance in £GBP which is such a bonus with the unstable dollar rate at times. You can also book with some US travel agents including, Travel on a dream who will not charge you anymore than Disney direct, give you the same booking conditions but do sometimes have the bonus of on board credit, however like I say for me personally when booking this cruise I didn't want my cruise price changing depending on the dollar rate. Another huge tip I would give is book your cruise as soon as possible, ideally as close to the release as prices tend to only increase as the sailing gets more full.

Now we had a cruise booked which would depart just an hour away from Walt Disney World resort, we had to practically fly there to even get to Port Canaveral and it would just be criminal to not even say a little hello when passing, plus we had to fly in the day before the cruise anyway so I was left with one idea and quite honestly, the only option ;) books some days at WDW too, unfortunately a number of reasons meant it would have to be very few days, no more than 3 in fact and with working out dates, timing etc it made most sense to book 1 night prior and 2 nights following, that way we could at least fit a park or 2 in, couldn't we?

I love trying a new resort on each trip and there's one I've been wanting to experience since having a peek around back in January 2014 and that is of course Art of Animation, I know it's a value resort so unusual for it to be a top pick but it's just so pretty and well, everyone needs to stay in a Little Mermaid room at least once in their lives. A search on Kayak let me know booking with Walt Disney Travel Company was the cheapest option, £85 for the night and that was sorted, I'm really excited to see the rooms in person and tick another resort of my list, just another 10 I think till I've stayed at them all.
And now I'm going to contradict myself, for our second resort, the stay following our cruise, I'm back at a trusty one for my 3rd stay, one that never fails to wow me and feel so special, Animal Kingdom Lodge. It is slightly a waste of an opportunity to tick another resort of my list but I booked here for a couple of reasons, one being I absolutely love it, who wouldn't? and second and most importantly, my sister. She is a huge fan of Animals, has never been to WDW and I know she will be absolutely blown away from the minute we pull up to this truly stunning resort and as I was booking this as her Christmas present I wanted it to be one that she'd get the most from and feel like it was something special, I cannot wait to see her face when she walks into the lobby for the first time, out on the balcony and just walks around exploring the resort in amazement. Of course, to help with costs I booked via renting DVC points as it does work out quite cheaper than booking a room the regular way, you can read a little more about that in a post I did a while back here.

Lastly, the final exciting part of this adventure and why it was important to have the last 2 nights following our cruise, because.....Mickey's not so scary halloween party!! This has been something that's been on my Disney bucket list for quite some times, years in fact and for one reason or another I've never got around to attending but when I was looking at the dates of the cruise, working out staying pre and post, it dawned on me that the Sunday night was probably likely to be a MNSSHP night and that opportunity just couldn't be missed especially as it would mean I'd also get time to spend in my beloved Magic Kingdom and that is never, ever a bad thing. I have my dress ready, I'm going to Disneybound as Belle which I'm looking forward to, in the Florida heat I think going all out with a costume would be too much and then more excitement, I freaked out, screamed and almost cried when by some miracle I managed to secure a dinner reservation for Be our Guest a few months ago for that night, so our last evening is shaping up to be pretty magical and the most wonderful way to end such a fun, magical Disney trip.

I hope this post and the previous one has helped you or at least given ideas about ways to book, save money, find best prices and so on for when it comes to booking that all important Disney trip.

Have you ever done a trip like this or considering it? Do you have any great money saving tips for when it come to booking Disney holidays?

*Once again I'd like to add that this post is in no way intended to brag about the trip and the money I've spent on it, I'm purely adding costs to help show a rough guide to those who want to do something similar, have thought about it but presumed it would cost so much more and to just show a rough guide to what prices can be found if search for.


  1. A Disney cruise is on my bucket list! I deeply regret that I didn't get the chance to take one when I was working for the company. That's awesome that you were able to get some money back for your flight. Thanks for sharing on the Disney Blogger Link Up

    1. Hope you get to do one sometime in the future, they're amazing and really opened my eyes to cruising more. Thanks for doing it, I love finding all the Disney posts on there :)

  2. I'm going to WDW in September - I went in 1995 with Make a wish foundation which was completely magical and am hoping it still will be as magical 21 years later (I'm positive it will be even though that special person isn't here anymore)... naturally I don't want to miss a thing so have booked all my fastpass but unfortunately missed out on booking a reservation for be our guest or cinderellas castle due to lack of research (damn!) However I keep looking at Mickeys not so scary Halloween party and just can't decide whether to get tickets or not.... Do you think I'd be silly not too?!?

    1. Aww I'm sorry to hear the special person is no longer with us, I imagine this trip will be so magical for you but maybe a little tough at times with the memories, but I know you'll have a blast.
      Keep checking for the Be our Guest reservation as cancellations do pop up closer to the time. Personally I've regretted not getting tickets when I've been out there at the time and was set on not making that mistake again this year, if you have the budget for it then, do it :)


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