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Although it was a tough one, I really enjoyed writing my A-Z of Disney in photos post and not too long ago I read a great A-Z post on Peaches and bear, an A-Z travel list which of course being the travel addict I am really appealed to me.
I always love to read about peoples travels, where they've been, where they want to go and of course I also love writing posts like that of my own which is why when I read Tamsyn's post I knew I had to do my own, so here's my very own A - Z of places I'd love to visit

A: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
B: Bruges, Belgium
C: Copenhagen, Denmark
D: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
E: Edmonton, Canada
F: Florence, Italy

G: Geneva, Switzerland
H: Havana, Cuba
I: Idaho Falls, USA
J: Juneau, USA
K: Kenya, Africa
L: Lapland, Finland
M: Maldives, Indian Ocean

N: Nashville, USA
O: Oslo, Norway
P: Prague, Czech Republic
Q: Queensland, Australia
R: Rome, Italy
S: Santorini, Greece
T: Tromso, Norway
V: Vancouver, Canada
W: Whangarei, New Zealand
X: Let pretend this letter doesn't exist because a place I'm longing to visit doesn't

Y: Yosemite, USA
Z: Zakynthos, Greece

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