Disney travels: Summer fun at Disneyland Paris

On Thursday, my sister & I boarded a very stupidly early Eurostar for a day of fun at Disneyland Paris. It was a long, exhausting but extremely fun day, we hugged our furry friends, rode our favourite rides and skipped down Main Street in the sun.

Looking back: The Cotswolds

I'm probably not alone in this but when it comes to travelling and planning holidays, my first thought is always 'let me check flights', I instantly think of leaving the UK and jumping on a plane to a complete different country.

Finding Dory giveaway

Finding Dory gets released this week and like me, I'm sure many of you are so excited to go and watch it, and if the film coming out wasn't enough to fill your week with our favourite fish, I'm so excited to be able to have these amazing goodies to giveaway thanks to the lovely people at The Disney Store.

Disney bounding: "When will my life begin?"

Since I've become interested obsessed with Disney bounding I seem to spend so much time looking online for outfit ideas and while hunting down a yellow dress for a Belle bound for Mickey's not so scary halloween party outfit, I got distracted by this absolute stunning lilac dress.

10 Things I wish I could tell my past self

I'm sure I'm not alone in this but as the years past by, extremely quickly so it seems since becoming an adult too. I think back on things that stressed me out, times I was so upset and didn't think it would pass, those stupid beauty & fashion choices and wish this older and more wiser version of myself could somehow have told me to fix up, sort myself out or how dreadful that outfit looked.

Booking a Disney adventure #2

I'm now less than 2 months away from my big Disney adventure, honestly I can't believe I've gone from a countdown of over a year and now less than 60 days away, it seems crazy. As it is getting closer I figured I better get on with telling you how I went about booking the next part, well actually it was the first part I booked but I won't confuse you so we'll stick with the order it's all happening on the trip and therefore its the 2nd part, if you haven't ready part 1 you can do here.

My essentials for a Disney trip

A Disney trip is always one of the most exciting things to plan and prepare for and with my next trip fast approaching, that feeling has well and truly kicked in, before I know it I'll be packing my case once again for some exciting, magical days with Mickey & co.

Searching for lost happiness

Sometimes life can throw us curveballs, big giant ones that we just weren't expecting, one's that can really knock us of our happiness or make us realise life doesn't always go the way we plan, it can erase all our confidence and even the happy life we pictured we had and would continue to have, happily ever after is no more. 

Disney bounding: At the beach

Wow it's been some time since I've done one of these Disney bounding posts and I've no idea as I love writing them and coming up with the outfits, as it's summer, although lack of sun I admit, I thought it would be a perfect time add the Disney twist to those beach/pool outfits.

A - Z Travel list

Although it was a tough one, I really enjoyed writing my A-Z of Disney in photos post and not too long ago I read a great A-Z post on Peaches and bear, an A-Z travel list which of course being the travel addict I am really appealed to me.

Disney movie night #6

Finally, this month I decided to pick the film you've all probably been wondering why I haven't chose yet...Beauty and The Beast and a fun night it was. 
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