Things I plan to do at Disney #2

If you've been reading my blog for a few months you may remember that back in March in the run up to my Disneyland Paris April trip I wrote a post on Things I plan to do on that trip and now I'm back again with the next instalment, this time it's for my visit to Disneyland Resort California.
It's been 7 years since I was last at Disneyland and honestly on that trip I did pretty well doing a lot of what the parks had to offer but there's been a few things added since then which I'm of course excited for. The park has a lot of charm and is so lovely just to stroll around and enjoy the atmosphere, I do however plan to do quite a bit of character meeting this time, but more on that another time as today I'm talking my bucket list minus character meets.

World of Color - I'm sure this is probably an obvious one, the most obvious in fact, I remember when this started and I was blown away by it and kept saying one day I'd get back out there to watch in person and now I'm just a few months away from doing so. I'll know doubt grab a space to watch on the 2nd night of my trip but I also plan to do a dining package for it on my last night to make sure I can get the best possible view.

Radiator Springs Racer - This is a new attraction for me and although I'm not really a Cars fan and have heard this is essentially Test Track with a different setting, I am still really excited to be experiencing a new ride at Disney.

Be the last to leave Disneyland - This is becoming a must for me now on Disney trips, I first did it at WDW last year and it was amazing, that photo on an empty Main Street with the castle in the background is always needed, staying in the park as it's emptying, watching the crowds die down and be one of the very few left is something special, I can't explain what is it I love about it but it's definitely the perfect way to end a day at Disney.

California Screamin' - This was one of my absolute favourites rides last time, it's actually one of the Disneyland Resorts rides that is only in California, which is good in a way because it's nice for the parks to have their own attractions but as I love it so much and live so far away, it's rubbish that I don't get to ride it as often as I'd like but I'll be making sure I get on these a few times while I'm there as I'm definitely a thrill seeker when it comes to rides.

Paint the Night - I don't think I've heard one bad word said about this beautiful nighttime spectacular, now I have seen photos and very, very short snippets of video clips but that's it as I decided to stay spoiler free when it first started and carried on that way in hope that one day I'd be able to get out there and see it in person and I'm so glad I did stick by not watching online because now I'm even more excited to see it.

Splash Mountain - This is one of my WDW favourites and one of the few rides I didn't do last time I was at these parks so it will be a new Disneyland experience for me, I'm sure in the heat I'll be desperate to jump on this to hopefully get wet enough to help cool me down but of course, not completely drenched that I'm walking around looking like a drowned rat.

Walk in Walt's footsteps Tour - This one is an absolute must for me and I'll be booking as soon as I can. I expect they'll be some tears shed though as I get so emotional when it comes to hearing about Walt, I'm this will be so fun and full of wonderful information and facts.

Have you been to Disneyland California before, what are some of your favourites things to do there?


  1. I've been to Disneyland years ago and had such a great time! I definitely get your excitement for all of these!! When I worked in WDW I loved being the last to leave the park! :)

    1. Being the last to leave has definitely become an important part of my trips now, such a special time when the park is emptying and you can just sit and admire it all


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