Pre holiday traditions

I was never really one for pre holiday traditions or doing things in the run up for fun & excitement, in fact apart from the obvious pre holiday beauty treatment I did nothing else but this year I've completely changed that, I wanted to start having some new traditions and fun things to do pre holiday.

I decided doing something would help pass the time, having something fun and exciting had to help, right? so from January I decided to start hosting a monthly Disney movie night, if you haven't seen the posts on those already you can find them here, they've been so much fun and I'll be gutted when they're over, as despite the hard work they can be trying to think up menu ideas it has been nice making meals that go with the films and of course watching that months pick. Not to mention it's gave me something to focus on each month which always helps when you're constantly watching that countdown, with only 3 more movie nights before the trip is here it's hard to pick which films to have as the theme and I'm really going to miss doing this but I'm pretty sure it will be a tradition I keep from now on, I highly recommend it if you're looking for something fun to do.

As the holiday has got closer I felt I wanted to do something else, something more often but it of course had to be related to the holiday which meant something Disney and I got a great idea from my friend Milly (you should really check her youtube channel Milly Mouse out , she has some great Disney vlogs) she's been watching all 55 Disney classic films in order in the run up to her moving to Orlando for a year to work at Disney World, yeah I know, the lucky devil! At first I was going to start 56 days before my trip so I would watch the last one the night before I went but after a little thought I decided that might be too much of a task, some days I might not get a chance to watch one. something might come up that will stop me and then it wouldn't work out so I decided to start this week.

The Disney life app has been my best friend for this, although I know I will hit an issue at some point as unfortunately it doesn't have all the classics on. I'm currently on number 6, Saludos Amigos which I'm going to be watching as soon as I've got this post up, the next 5 films in fact are all new ones to me, that's right I've not actually seen EVERY Disney movie, shock horror! I'm really enjoying doing this as it's always great to sit down and watch a Disney film especially one I've not seen before and I reckon by the time I've finished, bearing in mind I probably won't fit 1 in everyday, I'll be almost down to single digits before the trip :)

That's two new pre holiday traditions I've started, well one will possibly just be a pre holiday celebration as I can't see me having a Disney classics marathon in the run up to every Disney holiday but I'm definitely enjoying doing it at least once.

Do you have any pre holiday traditions or even post holiday ones? I'd love to hear about them if you do.


  1. I don't have many traditions per se, but I do try to make an effort to watch some of the films before I go to Disney! Before one of the Disney trips I did a paper chain countdown, so each day you rip off a piece of the chain as it gets closer to Disney. Helped to pass the time- I swear days before a Disney trip are twice as long as normal days!

    1. I love the paper chain idea, oh you're so right about those days being twice as long


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