Disney movie night #5

Yesterday was another Disney movie night, it was technically the 6th one but as my sister held last months it was my 5th and I couldn't wait any longer to pick one of my absolute favourites....Tangled.
I was desperate to hold this one as my sister had never seen the film, I know one of the greatest Disney films made in the recent years and she hadn't seen it, but we rectified that and she loved it, lots of giggles but I don't think she quite has the crush on Flynn Rider I do ;) yes, he is my dream man.

I have to say picking the food for this one was tough, like really tough, one of the hardest one's so far in fact but I decided to make a pizza 'plait' from scratch myself which came out so well, well until I tried lifting it from the worktop to place on the baking try only to realise it was a bit stuck, the pizza base dough is so sticky and I hadn't realised till it was too late so unfortunately it slid about when transferring it to the tray but not too bad, I didn't manage to grab a photo sadly though, actually you may notice photos on this months post are limited, that's because I couldn't find my camera and had to take them on my phone, when I remembered that was. Along with the pizza plait was just some cheese & pineapple with carrots sticks to dip purely because it was all I could think to use to place like a sun.

For mains I made a beef stroganoff with tagliatelle pasta which I tried my best to place like hair and I didn't do a proper dessert just made some cupcakes, well 'Rapunzel's tower' and added some flowers to the icing to of course resemble the ones in her hair, these were the biggest hit and went down a treat, especially with my sister who has been really good with healthy eating in preparation for the holiday.

And that leaves just 3 more to go before it's time to sail off, it's got to the point where excitement has really kicked in now and I don't know how to get through the next 3 months, the cruise all got paid off last week which was also an exciting moment so now it's just wait, another movie night, wait and repeat for 3 months. I've actually got the last one before we go all planned out, so just 2 more to pick the films for and come up with food ideas.


  1. How fun is this! Tangled is one of my favourite Disney movies, especially from the recent years! Love the braided pizza idea, too bad it didn't work for you!

  2. Love the cupcakes, they look so pretty that you wouldn't want to eat them. The pizza plait sounds like a fantastic idea for a Tangled night, shame it got a bit stuck but I bet it tasted amazing anyway. Looking forward to your next 3 Disney themed nights :) xx

    The Life of Dee

    1. The cupcakes had that effect but it didn't last long, we was biting into them soon enough ;) and they tasted delicious. The pizza plait may have fallen apart slightly bet it definitely didn't affect the taste haha!


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