Aladdin at The Prince Edward Theatre

Last Thursday I finally got to see the newly opened Aladdin at The Prince Edward Theatre, I'd been looking forward to seeing this since they announced it was coming to London. I was contemplating traveling to New York to see it on Broadway if they hadn't announced it, as I wanted to see it that much, Aladdin is definitely high on my list of top Disney films.

My sister and I booked tickets early on in the year, way back in January and I'd been desperate for June to come around since.
I had such high hopes for the show, I've seen a few shows some of which were ok and one that I absolutely fell in love with from the very start which of course was The Lion King, so being another Disney one I figured I was bound to be blown away and I was not wrong, it was simply outstanding!

The cast were all absolutely incredible, I loved every single person performance but Trevor Dion Nicholas who plays Genie stole the show in my opinion, he was outstanding and had the audience cheering and laughing pretty much non stop during his scenes, they really have cast so well with everyone though.
And the costumes...WOW! I was drooling over them and constantly thinking 'I want that one' the sparkle from them was beautiful and now I'm lusting after a dress that sparkles that much.

I cannot recommend the show enough, if you haven't booked your tickets yet and have been thinking about it then I urge you to get booking now because it will not disappoint and you'll be so glad you do, it's worth every single penny the tickets cost and then some. As soon as we came out we were talking about booking to see it again and definitely will be before the year is out.

Have you seen or booked to see Aladdin yet? Do you like going to the theatre? I'd love to hear what your favourite show is.


  1. I keep thinking about booking to see this, but it's so expensive! They've extended dates now though so we might go in December for my birthday. I've listened to the broadway soundtrack so many times that I know all the words haha so I really need to go!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

    1. It's certainly not the cheapest evening out but honestly worth every single penny, I hope you manage to go for your birthday as I' sure you'd love it

  2. I've not long seen that this show had started, I'm so so tempted to check out prices and hopefully go watch this soon! I love Aladdin so I don't think I'd be disappointed :)

    Sarah xo // See The Stars

    1. You defiantly wouldn't be, highly encourage you to have a check for tickets ;)

  3. I'm so jealous! I want to see this show so badly, I'm hoping to go in September! Fingers crossed! xo


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