5 Places to visit at home

The majority of us all love to jump on a plane and jet off somewhere out of this country, and I'm definitely in that category but it doesn't mean that sometimes it isn't nice to just have a little break away in our own little country. It might not always be hot, it might now have beaches at stunning as The Med or Caribbean but it does have some lovely spots to visit.
With that in mind it got me thinking about some places I'd love to either revisit or make my first trip to at some point in the next year, I definitely want to see more of the UK over the summer as it's not something I tend to do and I'm always looking for a new adventure to go.

Lake District -

Cornwall -

Bournemouth -

Edinburgh - 

Chester - 

Have you ever been to any of these places or have somewhere you're really wanting to make sure you take a trip to this summer?

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