20 facts about my Disney life

Amy from Cocktails in teacups tagged me about 2 months ago to do this Disney tag and to be honest I'm disgusted in myself that it has taken me so long but better late than never isn't it? You can read Amy's 20 facts here if you haven't already.


5 Positive quotes

Let's face it we've all been there, our positivity seems to have just vanished, almost as if someone just came along in our sleep and stole it. We feel down, our minds are negative and we feel like nothing is going the way it should.

Aladdin at The Prince Edward Theatre

Last Thursday I finally got to see the newly opened Aladdin at The Prince Edward Theatre, I'd been looking forward to seeing this since they announced it was coming to London. I was contemplating traveling to New York to see it on Broadway if they hadn't announced it, as I wanted to see it that much, Aladdin is definitely high on my list of top Disney films.

5 Places to visit at home

The majority of us all love to jump on a plane and jet off somewhere out of this country, and I'm definitely in that category but it doesn't mean that sometimes it isn't nice to just have a little break away in our own little country. It might not always be hot, it might now have beaches at stunning as The Med or Caribbean but it does have some lovely spots to visit.

Pre holiday traditions

I was never really one for pre holiday traditions or doing things in the run up for fun & excitement, in fact apart from the obvious pre holiday beauty treatment I did nothing else but this year I've completely changed that, I wanted to start having some new traditions and fun things to do pre holiday.


Things I plan to do at Disney #2

If you've been reading my blog for a few months you may remember that back in March in the run up to my Disneyland Paris April trip I wrote a post on Things I plan to do on that trip and now I'm back again with the next instalment, this time it's for my visit to Disneyland Resort California.

Booking a Disney adventure #1

Organising a Disney trip and all the research & planning that goes along with it is all part of the fun for me and I know many other fellow Disney fans are the same which was good to hear, I spent many moments thinking I was just a little crazy for the amount of time and effort I went to with it all.

Disney movie night #5

Yesterday was another Disney movie night, it was technically the 6th one but as my sister held last months it was my 5th and I couldn't wait any longer to pick one of my absolute favourites....Tangled.

Disney finds on Etsy

Recently I've become more and more obsessed with looking for outfits for Disney trips, so obsessed in fact that I'm not even talking just this years trips but also next years, yes I've started my outfit lists and shopping for 2017 trips before I've had all my 2016 ones but blame the over enthusiastic Disney outfit planner in me.
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