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Having an Annual Passport for Disneyland Paris means I'll always tend to stay offsite as it works out cheaper, a lot cheaper for me. The usual suspects are Kyriad, Dream Castle and Explorers and despite initially having The Kyriad booked for this stay due to being solo and it being one of the cheapest, I ended up switching to Hipark Serris after hearing very good things about it and it was the same price, add in the fact it's close enough to walk to the parks and there is also a transfer bus if need be which isn't shared with 3 other hotels that happen to be probably the most popular to stay in if you're not staying at a Disney one means those buses get absolutely crazy busy, partly because you can't walk from those hotels so have no option but to use them and also because it's one bus shared between 4 hotels for most of the day.

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I arrived around 12.30pm and was pleasantly surprised to find my room was ready which was great because it meant I could dump my bag in there, quickly freshen up and then make my way to Disney. Having not stayed here before I was exactly sure what to expect, as I say I'd heard good things and seen the rooms in pictures and vlogs but you just never know do you? they could all make it look better than it was. I was in room 19 which was on the ground floor but quite a walk from the reception, so having walked all around the corridors which felt like they were never ending I finally arrived at my room and for around €65 I was really impressed with what I walked in to.

The room was very clean, modern and minimalistic enough for my taste, one thing I dread about hotels is them having old style decor and I thought the style was really great here especially considering how cheap my stay was. The stay included free wifi, yay, who doesn't love free wifi while away? nothing worse than getting to a hotel and finding they charge a crazy amount  for using the internet.
I wasn't sure how comfy the bed was going to be because as you can see it's a sofa bed which I arrived to find already made up for me which was great because after I'd booked I had read a couple of reviews about them not being made up, having to pay for sheets & towels etc but this certainly wasn't the case for my stay. After a long day in the Disney parks I couldn't wait to fall in that bed to rest my tired eyes and bones and the squeaky noise aside the bed was perfectly fine and comfortable enough, mind you I was so tired I'd have probably slept on a rock without moaning that night.

The view from my room was nothing to moan about either, although not stunning it was nice enough for me, not that I was in the room long enough to actually look out the window much but it beat some hotel room views I've had in the past. The bathroom was also impressive, in fact I don't think I've had a bathroom this nice in a hotel when the stay hasn't cost around £80+ per night, bathrooms are also something I'm a little fussy about and love to arrive to a nice. clean, modern one. One complaint I do have if I was trying really hard to think of one because there certainly wasn't much to moan about this place, is the water pressure at the hotel, now I love a shower that is really powerful, you know the type where it feels like a bucket of water is being tipped over you and almost makes it feel like the water is giving you some sort of massage with how strong it is but sadly the shower did disappoint, although I've had worse, I've also had better and it wasn't powerful enough for my liking.

My stay was going so well, everything impressed, well apart from the said power of the shower and then unfortunately before 8am while hoping for as much sleep as possible I was awoken to extremely loud banging, followed by drilling that sounded so loud it could only be coming from either just outside my room or a room very close by, so unfortunately my sleep was made shorter than I'd hoped. I understand hotels have to do works at times but I do think it's very much lacks consideration for their guests when it starts so early. This was my only issue with my stay and hasn't put me off staying again, in fact I will likely pick this hotel every visit if stay offsite. So, if you're looking for an offsite hotel at Disneyland Paris that is both close to the parks, nice rooms and a great price then I highly recommend Hipark Serris Val d'Europe.

Have you ever stayed here? was you impressed? or is it one you've not considered before when looking at offsite options?

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