Glass slipper camp...

A couple of months ago the lovely Lottie from Lottie Does... launched a fabulous new venture, of course it was Disney so I couldn't wait to see the exciting things she was doing, all we knew it combined Disney & fitness but wasn't sure exactly what was coming. The anticipation was finally over and The happiest fitness co  was launched. 
Now not being the fitness crazy type, I wasn't jumping in the air for that haha but it was still Disney so I was excited and intrigued all the same, honestly the only thing you'll see me run for is food, oh and the airport if someone told me to get there quick I'm off to Disney ;) so when I saw the virtual race sign up on there I knew there was no way I'd be clicking on the button for that, however the clothing range was a different matter. Obviously I knew I wouldn't actually be needing any of these clothes to work out in but I love comfy clothes for lazing around the house and as I loved the t-shirt designs which are so cute and perfect touch of Disney without having Mickey and Minnie's faces printed all over them I figured they would make perfect lounge wear, as well as workout tops if you're into that crazy life haha.

The hardest part was picking which t-shirt design I wanted, there's a cute spinning one but as I'm neither a spinning or Teacups kinda girl, I opted for the Glass Slipper camp one, the gorgeous mint colour might have had a little help in that decision too but as I am a complete shoe addict I felt this one was just perfect for me, I'm definitely more of a Glass slipper camp girl than I am a boot camp that's for sure. The t-shirt looks absolutely gorgeous in person and worth every penny which I should add, I feel is really well priced so if you are looking for Disney inspired work out tops I highly recommend checking these out.

And if you are into running, unlike me, I encourage you to go and check out the details for The Happiest Fitness co's first virtual race, wonderfully named 'Frying Pan 5K' how cute is that name? you can find out more about that here and if you want to keep up to date with the exciting things that are coming then you can follow them over on Twitter - @happiestfitness and Instagram - @thehappiestfitnessco

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