Disney Travels: Swing into Spring at DLP...part 1

One of the main bonuses of having a Disneyland Paris annual passport, apart from the discounts of course, is being able to make more trips than I no doubt would if I had to pay for tickets every time. And of course having it means I have no excuses to enjoy every season and having done Halloween and Christmas with it already, now it was time for Swing into Spring.
Being a little late to the party so to speak I'd already seen lots of photos and vlogs from this years festivities and couldn't wait to get there and enjoy them all myself and I was not disappointed.
I walked in to pretty blue skies, sun shinning and all the spring decorations in their glory, and I couldn't have timed it better because my favourite mouse was out for Minnie's little spring train, which is absolutely adorable and in typical Disney style, great fun, colourful and perfect little addition for the season.

Unfortunately the good weather wasn't there to stay but who cares because the fun and atmosphere was. When I first booked this trip it was a planned solo adventure, with not a soul I knew but coincidentally many Disney friends from Twitter ended up booking during the same week which meant we all got to spend some time together in our magical home which was really nice. Everyone was so lovely and it was great to meet so many people I'd spoke to for long long on Twitter and some I met earlier in the month, sharing Disney park time with friend who do truly appreciate and get Disney like you do makes it all the more special and fun. It was nice to have people to be a crazy fangirl over Flynn with haha, thanks Lottie & Milly.

Although I did have a plan of things that were top of my to do list which I posted about here, quite a few of those went out the window when I actually got there because I had very little interest in the rides this trip and wanted to focus so much on character meets and just enjoy being in the parks. 
The character meets got off to a very slow start on the first day which is partly to do with the fact there are very few out after 2pm which is such a shame, Disneyland Paris you need to fix this, we need more characters out and for longer, preferably between the parade and Dreams because there's very little to do entertainment wise then.
I did however get to meet Abu within about an hour or two of being in the park which was great because that was a new one for me and I really hoped to meet a few new characters this trip, I finally got to see Forest of Enchantment too which I was so excited for because I'd heard such great things and somehow had managed to stay pretty much spoiler free from it, well I was not disappointed because it was absolutely amazing and well worth the wait and not watching on Youtube beforehand. I really hope the show returns, otherwise I'll be sad not to see it again but luckily did manage about 4 showings over the 2 days.

It was then time for a couple of rides which of course had to be 2 of my favourites - Tower of Terror and Space Mountain and before long it was Magic on parade time which was timed perfectly with the horrible downpour but it did not ruin anything and we still had a great time watching, with some fun interactions.

After the parade I just enjoyed the park for a bit while waiting till it was time for Dreams, having a Casey's hotdog washed down with a hot chocolate to warm up, took some photos and popped off to The Disneyland Hotel to take advantage of a comfy seat, the warmth, grab a tea and of course it would be wrong not to also take a little advantage of the wifi and then it was back into Disneyland park around 9pm. The temperature dropped quite a bit at this point and watching Dreams in the cold and damp is not fun at all, so I decided to stick with Ellie & Sammy at this point and pop in out of the shops while watching, I hadn't spent much time, if any really earlier in the day looking what merchandise was available so this was a great opportunity and of course I picked up the obligatory year pin. Unfortunately I was just too tired, sore and cold to wait for the crowds to go and get my important photo of me on an Empty Main Street, so I waved goodbye and headed back to The Disneyland hotel to say a big hello to Lottie who had arrived, a group of us had a good fit down in the warmth and a good giggle before all saying our goodbyes for the evening and heading to our hotels for a well earned sleep.


  1. Oh it sounds like the most perfect holiday! Definitely take advantage of your annual pass, I know I would ha. I'm loving seeing your photos & hearing about your trip :)

    Sarah xo // See The Stars

    1. Thank you. I sure do, no point in having it and not squeezing in as many trips as possible haha :)


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