A special holiday destination

Growing up I had two places that we seemed to always go away to, during my early child years until around the age of 10 my mum would take us to Dorset every summer, growing up it seemed like my traditional way to spend my 6 weeks holidays from school, then I hit secondary school and my mum decided to break the tradition and whisk us off abroad.
Cyprus become our go to place, in fact apart from one visit to Spain it was the only place my mum took us abroad, mainly due to the fact we would always go with my aunt & uncle and she felt safe if we went away with them rather than just her taking us to a country she didn't know.
I made so many happy and wonderful memories that I will always hold dear and never forget, not just with my mum & sister but also my aunt & uncle, who we were always so close to and especially now I'm so glad I have those amazing holidays to think back on and have a place where I'll always be able to feel close to my aunt even if it is over 2000 miles away, it's just somewhere that when I always think of it reminds me of her and how happy she was there, because sadly she passed away in 2009 which meant every memory became even more special to have.

My last family trip was back in 2002 and after that I started holidaying my friends and boyfriend and ventured elsewhere, mainly as you can figure out, to Disney and US in general but 2010 came and so did a return to my special place from my teenage years, I was really excited to go back and see how it had changed, be reminded of all the places we'd visited, the beaches and hotels we'd been to and showing this special place to me to someone special (well was back then ;) but that's a whole different story).

It was always Protaras we'd visit when we went so of course it was there I headed back to, rather than booking a hotel like we always used to I opted for a gorgeous villa, it was in a great area, one I knew very well, had a private pool and was just beautiful, I loved my stay there and even though I do prefer hotels as when I'm on holiday I like having my bed made for me, room service and all those little special things that make it a break from everyday life, I'd happily stay there again.

Look how beautiful this country is, it's now 6 years since I was last there and really hope to go back again in the next few years because it really is special to me and such a lovely place that I'd highly recommend.

Do you have a holiday place that's very special from your childhood? have you ever been to Cyprus or thought about going?

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