A perfect night in

I'll admit crazy, drunken nights out have never really been a big deal to me, don't get me wrong I had some fun nights when I was younger but it's nothing something I always feel I need to do and as I've got older I've become even less of big fan of them. In fact given the choice it's more likely that I'd opt for a night in over a night out.
Of course there are some things that really draw me to loving a great night in and help me enjoy it all the more and why most of the time I appreciate a good night in over a night out, I mean it's not like I can go partying in my comfiest Disney pyjamas is it?

Food - Let's face it, a night in just wouldn't be the same without some great food to enjoy and by great food I don't mean that great quality steak from your favourite posh restaurant but a good take away like your favourite Chinese dish or tasty, extremely unhealthy pizza with all the sides and not forgetting all those naughty snacks like crisps, popcorn and plenty of sweets.

Pampering supplies - I'm very much your girly girl and therefor love a good pamper session so whether I'm having a cosy night in by myself or with a group of friends I always make sure to have a great supply of Lush bath products, face masks, nail polishes and I even love pulling out the makeup stash to have some fun with.

Comfiest clothes - There's not much more than ruins a great night in for them than being uncomfortable, sitting around in those skinny jeans does not make for a comfy evening so don't forget  to grab a cute set of pyjamas or lounge wear set from your favourite shop, I love Primark for these things for two reasons, they're pretty cheap and if I'm just sitting about I don't feel the need to pay too much for what I'm wearing and more importantly they always have lots of Disney options.

DVD's - Because who doesn't love having a good giggle with their friends while watching a great chick flick, whether your taste in films be more romance than horror or humour than sic-fi or like me you love a great night in with your favourite Disney film, a great choice of DVD's is always a must have to make me night in even better.

Cocktail supplies - A night in doesn't have to mean missing out on your favourite cocktail if that's part of what you enjoy when having a night out, it's always fun to grab some great treats to make some of your favourite cocktails while you're in the shops picking up all those crisps & chocolates.

Are you more of a night in or night out person? what things make your night in even more better? 


  1. I love a good night in! Pyjamas, cadburys chocolate and a good film or good YouTube playlist and I'm all set.

    Hollie | Hollieshighlights.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Definitely a night in with all of the above!! I love a good girly movie with lots of fun treats! 😊



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