Walt Disney World: Saratoga Springs Resort

Saratoga Springs Resort along with Old Key West are probably two of the hotels I see get mentioned most when people are planning where to stay at Walt Disney World, especially those from the UK and I'm guessing it's mainly to do with the fact they're the cheapest resorts to book to get free Disney dining plan rather than the quick service. A couple of years ago I spent 2 nights her pre cruise, it probably wouldn't have been my first choice but it was all a last minute thing (booked about 6 weeks before) so there wasn't much choice in what DVC resorts were available and as it actually worked out near enough the same price to rent DVC points to stay at a deluxe than it did to book a Value resort, it all seemed a no brainier.

Prior to arrival, after much research I'd requested a room 'Congress Park' section, I knew this was one of the closest sections to Downtown Disney or rather Disney Springs as it is now known and due to not doing the parks I imagined quite a bit of time would be spent there. Thankfully the request was met and we had a lovely view from our room looking over to DTD. 
I'd read how big this resort was but I don't think I was prepared for just how HUGE it actually is, after a 9 hours flight we thought we'd walk to our room rather than waiting to be taken there on the little buggy, I mean it's a hotel, just how long could the walk actually be? surely it wouldn't take more than 5 minutes or so? well about 15 minutes later, hot, tired and just feeling dead we finally reached the room, so tip number 1 - don't try walking to your room unless it's in 'The Springs' buildings.

The rooms were a great size, decor ok but nothing to be wowed by, it certainly didn't have the beauty of Animal Kingdom Lodge or the modern look of Bay Lake Tower but it was nice enough, the biggest plus point was the gorgeous little balcony with, as I previously mentioned views over the lake to Disney Springs. Waking up on that first morning, still dark out and sitting out there was just perfect, it honestly felt amazing to be 'home' and start of my 30th Birthday trip.

The resort overall was nice, lovely to walk around and with just a little over 5 minute walk to Disney Springs (yes, it's quicker to walk there from some rooms than it is to walk to the main building/reception)  it's great if you plan on spending quite a bit of time there. It's not a resort I'd jump at to stay again but if the price worked out well for during a free DDP offer then I'd not turn it down but I'd consider giving Old Key West a try first perhaps but purely only because I've now stayed at SSR.

Have you ever stayed at Saratoga Springs or have plans to?

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