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I don't tend to do a monthly favourites post because quite honestly I don't think I could come up with enough new favourites every month, I'm the type of person who seems to stick to something when I like it and take a while to venture on to trying something new, this goes for everything from music to makeup. However, it's always nice to read favourite posts to get some ideas of new things to try out that others have been loving, who doesn't love a recommendation? so I figured I'd do a 'current' favourites post.

Instagram - If you read my 5 favourite instagram accounts post you'll probably know by now I'm a huge fan of Instagram, after Twitter it's my most used form of social media, I'm such a visual person so love nothing more than browsing through everyones latest photos of meals, outfits, travels and so on and of course I also love posting to my own account and trying my best to keep it visually appealing.

Nashville - I was looking for a new show to watch a couple of months ago and due to my quite recent love for Country music I tweeted asking if the show was worth a watch, with nothing but positive replies back I figured I had to give it a watch. Well I was practically hooked straight away and had watched all 3 seasons within a month and was left desperate for season 4 to start and thankfully didn't have to wait too long. Hayden Panettiere who plays Juliette Barnes is great in it, but I'll be honest it's caused one big issue....I'm now even more desperate for a trip to Nashville itself.

Sam Hunt - Music wise, there is always quite a few people I love listening to, I go through stages with albums where i'll listening to them over and over again. At the moment, well actually for a good few months now there has been one artist who've I've loved listening to constantly and that's country artist Sam Hunt, I also got to see him live at Country 2 Country festival at The o2 last month and he certainly didn't disappoint. I can't wait to see him live again.

Double Wear Foundation - This is actually a foundation that I'd been using for years but seemed to have fallen out of love with last year,  however I decided to try it again about 6 weeks ago and instantly my love for it had returned, I guess our skin just goes through stages and at times foundations just work better than other times.

Champagne Pop Highlighter - I picked up the Jaclyn Hill/Becca Highlighter last year while in Orlando and have been obsessed with it ever since, simply put, it's stunning and definitely my favourite highlighter.

Patisserie Lipstick - Despite it now being Spring and that meaning I'm wearing more coral/brighter lipstick shades (you can find out some of my favourites in my post here) I've still been loving Patisserie, it's a gorgeous rosy-brown shade and my perfect nude

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