Disneyland Paris: Character plans

It's just two weeks now till my next Disneyland Paris trip and if there's one thing I'm really looking forward to is meeting characters, it's one of my favourite things to do on a Disney trip. Unfortunately in the past i feel like I've just not done this enough, mainly because I've generally been to Disney with people who have little or no interest in queueing to meet them :( well more fool them and even bigger fool I am for going to Disney with these people.
On my upcoming trip to Disneyland Paris I plan on spending quite a bit of my time meeting characters and just enjoying the Disney bubble rather than rushing from ride to ride. There are of course a few characters I try to meet on every Disney trip and as always I'll be hoping to carry on that tradition but I also have a list of characters I've either never met or only met once or twice that I'm really hoping to say hello to as well.

So who am I hoping to meet on this upcoming trip to Disneyland Paris? Well, Mickey & Minnie Mouse of course because a trip to Disney just wouldn't be the same without meeting them, especially Minnie as I absolutely adore her, she's probably my overall favourite.

Belle, because obviously she's my favourite Princess and shockingly I've only actually met her once, yes cry for me. While on the Princess subject I'd also love, love to meet Rapunzel, she's another one of my favourite Princesses, 2nd favourite in fact along with Ariel and I've not met either of them yet, although I think as I'm only there for 2 days I'd be very lucky to meet all 3 of those but a girl can hope and dream.

Of course a trip to Disney also wouldn't be complete without meeting Chip n Dale so they're definitely also on my list of important ones to meet, as are Thumper and Miss Bunny because I hardly ever see them in the parks apart from once in California where I was lucky to meet Miss bunny and actually adore the photo so I'd love another.

I've never met Merida and the interactions I've seen with her on Youtube videos always look great so that's another one I'd also like to do, as is Peter Pan and Tinkerbell as I've also never met either of those and I used to actually be a huge Think fan.
So, that's my list but any other characters I come across along the way would be a great added bonus. Who are your favourite ones to meet? do you have a list for your next trip?


  1. What do you say to characters when you meet them? We never meet the characters an I feel I wouldn't know what to say lol xXx

    1. They tend to lead the conversation, basically just keep in their character so ask 'where there prince is' if a princess, how their day is, the more you do it, the more easier it gets

  2. We love to see Pluto (kiddos favorite) Mickey & Minnie, Donald & Jasmine (my favorite princess) We also really enjoy Jack Skellington he is awesome.


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