What's in my travel makeup bag

I put my hands up, when it came to packing my makeup for a holiday I had issues, serious issues. I was unable to cut my makeup bag down to just one bag, just a fraction of my makeup collection, I felt like I needed to take nearly all of it because I never knew what eyeshadow I'd need from the 150+, which of my 40+ lipsticks I'd want to wear and so on, honestly I had terrible issues and found it harder narrowing down my makeup to take than I did my clothes.

5 favourite: Walt Disney World restaurants

I always seem to have those moments where I'm craving Disney food so badly and it's usually after I've been on The Disney Food Blog or they've uploaded a mouth watering picture to Instagram, well right now is one of those occasions and I thought what great inspiration for a post, I'll share some of my favourite WDW restaurants.

New Look wishlist

For some reason there were quite a few years I wasn't overly keen on shopping at New Look, I'd find the odd thing I liked in there but not much. However that has changed quite a bit, now  I'm constantly browsing their website and finding quite a few things to lust over, my wishlist on there is continuously growing.  

My current favourites

I don't tend to do a monthly favourites post because quite honestly I don't think I could come up with enough new favourites every month, I'm the type of person who seems to stick to something when I like it and take a while to venture on to trying something new, this goes for everything from music to makeup. However, it's always nice to read favourite posts to get some ideas of new things to try out that others have been loving, who doesn't love a recommendation? so I figured I'd do a 'current' favourites post.

Disneyland Paris: Character plans

It's just two weeks now till my next Disneyland Paris trip and if there's one thing I'm really looking forward to is meeting characters, it's one of my favourite things to do on a Disney trip. Unfortunately in the past i feel like I've just not done this enough, mainly because I've generally been to Disney with people who have little or no interest in queueing to meet them :( well more fool them and even bigger fool I am for going to Disney with these people.

Disney wishlist #3

It's been a while since I've posted a Disney wishlist so I'm finally back with one today because who doesn't love these posts? Isn't it always great adding even more things to that 'to buy' list and wishing we could win the lottery to actually buy everything that's on it.


5 favourite: Spring lipsticks

Hello lovely readers, isn't it nice now that Spring has finally arrived? well apart from the rain that it seems to have brought with it but at least we have the light evenings. The arrival of Spring means a slight change in makeup for me, mostly my lipstick colours. I switch out those deep colours for pretty peach and neutral pink shades and I wanted to share 5 of my favourites.

Walt Disney World: Saratoga Springs Resort

Saratoga Springs Resort along with Old Key West are probably two of the hotels I see get mentioned most when people are planning where to stay at Walt Disney World, especially those from the UK and I'm guessing it's mainly to do with the fact they're the cheapest resorts to book to get free Disney dining plan rather than the quick service. A couple of years ago I spent 2 nights her pre cruise, it probably wouldn't have been my first choice but it was all a last minute thing (booked about 6 weeks before) so there wasn't much choice in what DVC resorts were available and as it actually worked out near enough the same price to rent DVC points to stay at a deluxe than it did to book a Value resort, it all seemed a no brainier.


Haul: Gone shoe crazy

It's no secret that I have a slight huge thing for shoes, yes I'm one of those typical girls, I can't help it. However the last few weeks I've been out of control and I think it's time I get some help for my problem haha, I'm not kidding when I say I've been shoe buying like a crazy woman who has been told she'll not be allowed to buy anymore for 6 months.

Disney movie night #4

April already? honestly where are these months going? it feels like this year is going at lightening speed which in a way is great because it means my exciting Disney adventure is getting closer and closer but I wish it would slow down ever so slightly so I had a chance to breath, oh and save for said holiday. But another month has passed which means another pre holiday Disney movie night, I cannot believe I've now held the 4th one and we have only 5 left before it's finally time to jet off.
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