Things I plan to do at Disney #1

After a few trips to Disney parks now I've managed to do quite a lot, I've rode many rides, seen many shows and met some characters but there's still quite a bit I'm yet to tick of the 'to do' list for all the parks I've previously visited. So this year I plan to try and do as many as possible, so far I've at least 6 different trips planned, 3 to Disneyland Paris, 1 to Disneyland California and 1 to Walt Disney World so lots of Disney time to get these things done and with my first Disney trip of the year getting closer I thought it would be fun and appropriate to share some of the plans with you, rides I plan to make sure I don't miss this time, characters I want to really take the time to make sure I meet etc.

I decided to split the post into 3 different ones, one for each Disney around the world I plan on visiting this year, so it will be like a little series and hopefully help pass the time till each trip comes around.
With Disneyland Paris being the first trip of the year it's only right I start with there. I've had 4 trips to DLP now with overall spending 9 days in the parks and during that time have actually managed to get most things done over and over, however there are of course a few things that I haven't got round to doing, some I still won't be because I have no plans to ever do them, like Mad Hatter's Tea Cups, not because I don't like the look of it but purely for the fact I don't want to be turning green and ruining my day being sick, yes I can handle pretty much any ride and the more faster and thrilling the better but this little, child friendly one is just not for me, despite how pretty it does look (i love people's photos from it) I just can't handle it, the constant spinning is not something I can handle, anyway on with what I will actually be making sure I do -

Dumbo the flying Elephant - I'm ashamed to admit to this one but I've never rode it at DLP and I actually don't know why, it's not like I've gone and saw a huge queue, don't like it, not had the time etc it's just a case of for some reason I've never got round to it before my trip has been over, I'm making sure it's one of the first rides I do in April.

Princess Pavilion - Shocking I know but i've never stepped foot in there and met a Princess at DLP, this seriously needs to be corrected, never met a Princess at DLP? I feel disgusted with myself for this one. As well as the Princesses though I also plan on spending quite a bit of my time on this upcoming trip meeting characters in general, on previous trips I've always been with people who just don't have much, if any interest in meeting characters so it's always taken a back seat but this time I'm going solo and plan to do it all my way and I cannot wait.

Eat at a table service restaurant in the parks - When in the parks I've always grabbed something quick and easy and then eaten a main, proper table service meal in one of the restaurants in the Disney Village, I really want to change that and there's actually a couple I've been wanting to try for a while so I'll almost definitely be heading to one of those next time or if not, definitely the trip after. I think it's likely Walt's will be my restaurant of choice.

Le Carrousel de Lancelot - Like Dumbo this is another ride I'm shocked I've still not actually rode at DLP as I think it's one of Fantasylands most iconic, when I think of Fantasyland this is the first ride that springs to mind for me, it just is the main ride of the area in my head so why the heck have I still not been on it? your guest really is as good as mine.


  1. I'm very jealous that you have so many trips planned! Share some out for the rest of us, hey? ;) I'm off to WDW in October and I actually can't wait, so I'm looking forward to your blog on that amazing place.

    Lisa /

    1. It's definitely a lucky year for me, can't wait to blog about them all. I'm excited for you, you'll be there for Halloween time which is such a good time!


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