Looking back: Las Vegas

Everyone probably knows by now about my love for Disney and visiting the parks but there's another place in this world that holds a special place in my heart and that is Las Vegas, excluding Disney it's my favourite place in the world so I wanted to share some of my photos from my trips with you.

I've been fortunate to have visited 3 times so far, once on a West Coast trip back in 2009 when I also visited Disneyland California and a few other great places and then two trips solely to visit Las vegas and attend UFC events in 2011 and 2013. I've no idea when I'll get a chance to go back now but I really hope I do at some point in the future.
One great thing about Vegas is the hotel prices, honestly they can be such a bargain but they key is to avoid weekends and big events. On the first visit I stayed at The Mirage which I absolutely loved, it was a great hotel, with really nice rooms and the location was good, although not quite central on the strip, the next two visits were more on the budget side due to saving for important things at the time plus staying over a weekend and during an event and as we didn't fancy switching hotels during the stay just opted for one of the cheaper strip hotels, The Excalibur and to be honest for the price it cost I had no complaints what so ever, both stays were a bargain at around £200 for 5 nights.

Las Vegas really does have it all - the sunshine, shopping, gambling, partying, relaxing, big events, shows, rollercoasters, it's just the perfect place to head for time in the sun and fun. There really is no place like it, no matter what the time of day, there's fun to be had. One of my favourite things to do in Vegas, apart from shop & eat is just exploring all the hotels, they're like little cities of their own and you could spend ages just walking around admiring how amazing they are.

On my last trip I decided to finally book a helicopter trip, you see so many of them advertised in Las Vegas for a number of different sights and I'd always fancied going in one and in the end went with the night flight over Las vegas, I booked with Maverick which included limo pick and drop off from your hotel and were brilliant, I'd highly recommend them. The experience was amazing, Vegas from the air looked absolutely stunning with all the lights. Unfortunately I have hardly any photos to share of this because they're all so terrible and blurry, trying to take night photos in a helicopter is really not an easy task.

Hope to see you again really soon Las Vegas, until then, I'm always dreaming of you.
Have you visited Las Vegas, would like to or is it one of those places that just does not interest you at all?


  1. I have always wanted to go to Las Vegas and seeing your photos has reminded me of how much I do! It looks an amazing place but at night time I bet it's even more exciting. I don't think I would be as brave as you going up in a Helicopter though but it would definitely be a sight to see with all the lights, etc. Looks like you had a fab time when you were there :) xx

    1. Writing this post made me realise how much I want to go back so I know what you mean there :) Oh you'd have to as its such a fun experience and once you're up in the air its not scary at all x


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