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Like most people I've gone through a phase of being quite addicted to almost every social media platform but none more than Instagram, I honestly don't know when or if i'll ever get bored of waking up and scrolling through to see the pictures people I follow have uploaded, those makeup, cake and Disney posts are my favourite and then I'll be checking again every few hours for the rest of the day, see I have addiction problems with this one!

As well as love scrolling through my feed at everyone else posts, I of course love to be posting myself, for me it's a great way to make myself feel like my life is more exciting than it is and that I always look my best, because let's face it, we all know our lives are not how we make them appear online. It is nice however to have somewhere to share those more glamorous, fun moments and remember that we're not always a scruffy slob when we're sat on the sofa pigging out, watching a film wearing our most comfiest yet ugliest clothes with hair tied up and looking like it hasn't been brushed in a week.

And I'm sure like me we all have our favourite accounts, those that always share the perfect shot, whether it be that beautifully decorated cake they just made, the stunning shot of Cinderella's castle or the most perfect makeup look you've ever seen.

@ItsLittleLauren -
If you want to see pictures of the most tastiest cakes that probably make you pile on a stone just from looking at them then you need to check out Lauren's account, it's full of delicious cakes and drinks and not forgetting makeup & fashion, perfect mix of almost everything.

@PrincePogiAtDisney -
I'm literally obsessed with this account, if you love Disneyland photos then this is one you should definitely be following. The beautiful Disneyland photos have me so excited to be heading back there this year.

I have to hold my hand up, I love the clean, white background IG accounts and Leah's is one of my absolute favourites.  Her photos are always so perfect, no matter if they're a selfie, makeup, food, they look beautiful.

The gorgeous Milly is another with one of those perfect, white 'themed' accounts full of fashion, makeup and other great things in between. Definitely one to follow.

I'm obsessed with little Liv's account, it's of course run by her wonderful mum, Amy who I'm sure many of us know from Cocktails in teacups and is full of their amazing Disney adventures. The account is full of Liv's wonderful character meets, park adventures and the cutest cosplays.

Do you have any favourite accounts? I'm always looking for more to follow and if you're not already make sure you check mine out - SarahLBelle_

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