25 things that make me happy

I haven't really done many, actually I don't think I've done a single personal post since I started this blog so today I figured it would be fun to do one, just so you can all learn a bit more about the person behind the computer and what better place to start than a post about what makes me happy because lets face it, that is one of the most important things to know about a person :)

So, on I go with 25 things that make me smile from ear to ear -

1. Disney
2. Cups of tea
3. Sunshine

4. Fresh nails
5. My cat Minnie (and the mouse)
6. Food

7.  Being with friends & family
8. Booking a holiday
9. New makeup

10. New shoes
11. Getting dressed up
12. Fresh bedding
13. Dean Winchester

14. Having a tan
15. Trips to the cinema (mainly for popcorn & tango ice blasts)
16. Baking
17. Country music *cough* Sam Hunt *cough*

18. ...actually, music in general 
19. Online discounts
20. Friends 

21. Binge watching a TV show
22. Smell of clean washing
23. Having my hair played with
24. Sleeping
25. Trips to Disney


  1. I like the trips to the cinema for Tango Ice Blasts, they are my absolute favourite.

    Kirsty x

    1. Can't not get one can you ;) I think its a big part of the reason I go otherwise i;d be happy to wait for the DVD's to come out haha1


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