Spring wardrobe essentials

The evenings are lighter, the days are sunnier, the flowers are blooming and we're all finally starting to feel that dreary winter cloud lifting which can only mean one thing, it's Spring!
Summer is probably my most favourite time of the year but Spring comes a very, very close second. I love waving goodbye to those dark and dreary days, the dull wardrobe full of black and grey, hanging the coat up at last and finally seeing daylight beyond 5pm. It sure does feel good waking up with the sun shining through the blinds (ok, I'm in the UK so this isn't an everyday thing but when it does happen, it's great), it gone 6pm and it's still light out and those pretty spring colours are hanging in the wardrobe once again, for me reaching Spring just completely lifts my whole mood.


5 favourite: Instagram accounts

Like most people I've gone through a phase of being quite addicted to almost every social media platform but none more than Instagram, I honestly don't know when or if i'll ever get bored of waking up and scrolling through to see the pictures people I follow have uploaded, those makeup, cake and Disney posts are my favourite and then I'll be checking again every few hours for the rest of the day, see I have addiction problems with this one!


Step into my fantasy home

If you don't know what Pinterest is then you must have been living under a rock for the last few years, personally I've been obsessed with it for the best part of 4/5 years. I do go through phases where I don't use it as much but more often than not once I log on, that's it, I'm stuck on there for hours pinning everything from makeup to shoes and cupcakes to bedrooms.
So come on into my home....well my Pinterest home anyway ;)


Disney bounding: Evenings on a Disney cruise

I absolutely loved doing my Princesses at the parks bounding post and couldn't wait to share another one with you. As I'm off on a Disney cruise later in the year and love an excuse to dress up I figured it would be fun to put some outfits together for Disney bounding for dinner on a cruise. 


25 things that make me happy

I haven't really done many, actually I don't think I've done a single personal post since I started this blog so today I figured it would be fun to do one, just so you can all learn a bit more about the person behind the computer and what better place to start than a post about what makes me happy because lets face it, that is one of the most important things to know about a person :)


Things I plan to do at Disney #1

After a few trips to Disney parks now I've managed to do quite a lot, I've rode many rides, seen many shows and met some characters but there's still quite a bit I'm yet to tick of the 'to do' list for all the parks I've previously visited. So this year I plan to try and do as many as possible, so far I've at least 6 different trips planned, 3 to Disneyland Paris, 1 to Disneyland California and 1 to Walt Disney World so lots of Disney time to get these things done and with my first Disney trip of the year getting closer I thought it would be fun and appropriate to share some of the plans with you, rides I plan to make sure I don't miss this time, characters I want to really take the time to make sure I meet etc.


Looking back: Las Vegas

Everyone probably knows by now about my love for Disney and visiting the parks but there's another place in this world that holds a special place in my heart and that is Las Vegas, excluding Disney it's my favourite place in the world so I wanted to share some of my photos from my trips with you.


Disney Movie Night #3

I can't believe we're onto the 3rd one of these already, that means just 6 more to go till the trip is finally here and I promise to share more about that shortly. Now with it being Mothers Day weekend I decided it would be nice to have this months movie choice be one of my mums favourites, and with her all time favourite Disney Character being Marie, Aristocats was the obvious choice.


Disney bounding: Princess in the parks

When it comes to Disney bounding I hadn't ever really given it much thought, don't get me wrong I thought it looked fun and love following along with the outfits Leslie posts on her amazing Disney Bound website but it isn't something I'd thought about doing myself, likely because I didn't think it would be fun by myself and thats the issues you face when going to Disney with people who just aren't as into it as you are. The closest I'd ever got is looking like Minnie Mouse had threw up on me, well thats how friends and family describe me when dressed in polka dots accessories and my latest Minnie Mouse top or jumper.

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