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I'll hold my hands up now, my history with skincare routines hasn't always been great, in fact a lot of the time its been non existent. I know how dreadful that is because how much do we read online, in magazines and hear on tv how important a great skincare routine is, how we must take care of the base and it's no good using great makeup if we aren't going to take care of the canvas it goes on.

Not always having a skincare routine despite being in my 30's is now something, looking back I wish I could change, I wish I'd taken better care of my skin from a much younger age, listened to those experts on TV and in magazines about how important it is, how damaging sunbeds are etc but instead I figured it could wait till I was older, I'm young right now and I don't need to take care of it, even though I had this mindset I have to admit during those years I hadn't always had great skin, in fact I can hardly remember a time I looked in the mirror and thought 'wow, my skin looks amazing' or felt comfortable going out without makeup on, there was always some kind of issue I had.
My routine is something I've only been bothering with for about 2 years now, previous to that I didn't have one at all, I hardly bothered with moisturiser because I figured 'well my face is oily, I don't need that and it will only make it worse', I used nothing but face wipes to remove my makeup and toner, what toner?! and this was all in spite of having uneven skin tone, looking a greasy mess all the time, my foundation would slide away throughout the day no matter how good the foundation actually was, I'd break out every now and then, large pores oh boy the pores and my face just looked and felt rough in parts and greasy constantly in others, never nice and soft.

I was watching QVC one afternoon which happened to be an hour long show on Elemis, of course I'd heard of the brand, who hasn't? but I honestly presumed it wouldn't be worth the money and what good could it really do, how is using a few products once or twice a day going to change my skin but they have a special value set that was also on easy pay and you can guess what happened next, yes I fell for the big sale speech and went online and placed my order and I'm not joking when I say from then on I was hooked, I was ordering set after set from them, that easy pay thing sure has a lot to answer for haha, but at least it's meant I've now worked out a routine that works pretty well for me. Some products in these sets I'll admit, didn't wow me as they didn't do much for me but some become absolute must haves.

Pro-collagen Cleansing Balm - This is a staple in my beauty collection, I will not run out of this stuff and will not use anything else to remove my makeup ever again. There's not a thing I dislike about it, the smell is lovely and makes me feel like I'm really using a luxurious product that I'd find at a spa, nothing has ever removed my makeup so easily and carefully, you know that feeling of slight pulling and scrubbing to remove that last bit of mascara and foundation you have with wipes or that slight tightness some cheaper cleansers can leave you with or even that feeling like your face isn't completely clean, this leaves you with none of those. It just melts the makeup off and with a wet face cloth I just wipe away and my skin feels so clean and soft, I use this every evening before bed and also as I said, anytime I need to remove my makeup.

Apricot Toner - After all the talk from Elemis and finally taking note of what I was reading from magazines I also started using a toner every morning and night after cleansing, I'd tried a few but this has become a firm favourite. It gives such a refreshing feeling with no stinging and I love that you can also just spray it directly on to your face and not have to use a cotton pad. To me toners are one of those products that I have no idea what it's actually doing to help my skin but I know it's doing something important so I'll no longer skip it/

Pro-collagen Marine Cream and Night Cream - Although I'm not sure these moisturisers do everything they say they're supposed to, particularly the reducing the depth of wrinkles and improving the firmness of my skin or maybe I'm just not at that stage of my life where these things are such a big enough problem that I'll notice a difference with using moisturisers like these but if they do help, then it can't hurt to start early, surely. I use the night one every evening but the Marine cream I'll use every morning if I'm not wearing makeup and I'll switch between that and Clinique dramatically different lotion.

Origins Clear Improvement Face Mask - Now, this is the one product in my routine I'm still not sold on but I do continue to use it because I like the feeling of the mask while its setting and also how nice and clean my skin feels after. Do I notice my pores look any different? nope!

Obviously this isn't everything I use for my skincare, there are some other masks I have and an everyday face wash I use in the shower but these are the products I really stick with and don't change up. I'm still on the hunt for my perfect product to help minimise my pores, something to perhaps lighten my freckles/dark spots but this is the least of my worries if i'm honest and I'd also love to find a nice face wash/scrub for everyday use in the shower. If you have any products you'd recommend for these things or just skincare things you swear by then please let me know because I always love to try out new products

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