My favourite looks from The Brit Awards 2016

It's been a good few years since I'd watched The Brits but the past 6 months or so I've really found a love for music again, not that it ever went but I'd lost my interest in bothering to watch music shows, awards and live performances. I'd just really fell into the trap of listening to music on my phone/laptop and that be it which just seems crazy considering around 10 years ago I as probably spending nearly every weekend at some sort of live music event, and always had so much fun, in fact I'm really missing all that lately and want to get back into going to gigs and am starting that off in a couple of weeks with The Country 2 Country - a country music festival at The o2 and I cannot wait because two of my favourite country artists will be performing, Sam Hunt and Carrie Underwood.

Spice girls at The brits 1997 - probably one of the most iconic Brit Award performances
Anyway back to the actual main topic of this post (I always easily go off track), admittedly when it comes to awards shows I'm usually watching to see what everyone is wearing, how their hair & makeup is looking rather than the performances and it was the red carpet that drew me into this years Brits, honestly it had nothing to do with joining what seems like the rest of the world and now being a Belieber, haha yes even at my old age I've fallen into the trap, I know I should be hanging my head in shame slightly at my age.

Some (read many) of last nights looks from The Brit Awards left me with not much to say other than 'what were they thinking' but as always there were also the ones that left me thinking 'wow, you look amazing' but not many, this year very few people managed to get their full look spot on in my opinion. But here are a few that did impress me.

Cheryl (can't keep up with what her surname is anymore) - I know she seems to get so much stick for her weight quite often but I think she's gorgeous and personally I think her figure is amazing, I definitely would complain having a body like that. Her hair and makeup always leave me envious and her look at The Brits was certainly no different, although I admit this isn't my favourite hairstyle from here and not one I'd probably chose for an awards show but I do love it and I love the makeup, especially  the lip colour.

Jesy from Little Mix - Now, when I was reading everyone going mad on Twitter about how amazing the girls looked I was expecting big things but quite frankly when I saw the pictures I felt disappointed, personally I think their look at last years Brits was much better. Saying that, one of them did stand out to me and I think she looks amazing, I love Jesy's hair and makeup and think her dress is absolutely beautiful, definitely something I'd love to wear. As for the other girls outfits, Perrie and Jade's are just ok, nothing special but I've seen worse and right now, by worse I'm looking at Leigh-Anne's outfit, don't know who gave that the thumbs up but personally I hate it.

Kylie Minogue - When I think back to my love of music starting Kylie is one of the people I remember loving, yes I was one of those, I'm from the era that loved Kylie & Jason. I had the records, then tapes and videos, oh yes for anyone reading who is too young to remember those days, when I started getting into music we had records not even tapes, look at me getting distracted again, now back to the subject in hand. Kylie to me is one of those stars that just seems to look better and better with age, if I still look that good when I'm nearing 50 then i'll be ecstatic. I'm not keen on the hat in this look but take that away and I love everything else, she looks absolutely stunning. Now if you don't want that dress or shoes anymore then I'm at the front of the queue to take them off your hands, I love the dress so much and the pop of colour with the shoes works perfectly.

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