Disney travels: Disneyland California

Back in 2009 I was fortunate to visit the original Disney park, Disneyland California - The happiest place on earth. It was always somewhere I wanted to go, of course it was being the huge Disney fan I am, there's something special knowing it's the original Disney park and just knowing he had actually been there made it such a must visit for me.

If you've been to Disneyland and Walt Disney World, you'll know that DLR is so different in terms of how the parks are situated and the area in general, for me staying at a Disney hotel was not a necessity due to how close the 'good neighbour' ones are so I spent 6 nights in the Sheraton Anaheim which I'd highly recommend, mainly for the fact the hotel rooms were almost twice the size of ones I'd previously stayed in anywhere else, they were huge and the proximity to the parks and view of fireworks from the hot tub of an evening was great.
Altogether I spent 3 days at the parks, of course no amount of days are enough for being at Disney but if I were recommending to someone how many days to spend there I'd say 3-4 is a great start especially if it's not a crazy, busy time of year. It was enough time to spend 1 day in each park and then park hop on the 3rd day and there wasn't much I missed out on.

Incase you have not been or never even looked at anything relating to Disneyland California Resort then you might not know that there's 2 parks, the main Disneyland one and also California Adventure, the entrances are opposite each other so its so easy to hop from park to park, a lot easier than WDW park hopping. Disneyland is set up pretty much the same as Magic Kingdom or Disneyland Park in Paris, California Adventure however is different to any others, I find apart from the main park at any Disney resort the other park(s) are always different which is something I really love.
Some of the rides are pretty similar to the ones at WDW but some, like Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean are different and then there's some rides, Matterhorn and Mr Toad' wild ride for example which are completely exclusive to Disneyland California.

It really did turn out to be the happiest place on earth, I had a smile from ear to ear throughout the whole of the trip, as much as I love WDW and that will probably always be my favourite amongst the Disney resorts, I felt there was something truly magical about Disneyland, it felt extra special. I even got to say hello to the Famous Oscar while having just enjoyed the delicious 'Oscar's choice' breakfast at Carnation Cafe, if you don't know much or anything about Disneyland then you probably won't know that Oscar is Disneyland's longest working cast member.
I'm so excited to be heading back there this year and can't wait to experience some of the new additions that have been added since my first visit, and there are definitely some great ones.
Have you been to Disneyland or are you dreaming of visiting Walt's first park?

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