Disney movie night #2

It's that time of the month again, no not that time all us woman dread, but time for my monthly Disney Movie night in lead up to the big Disney holiday later in the year. When thinking about what movie to watch this month I went through a few days with a few different choices in my head including Aristocats, Aladdin and Tangled but in the end I opted for Snow White & the seven dwarfs.

I actually feel like Snow White doesn't get as much mention as she should and the film on a whole but personally I love her and even more, I love this film. I hadn't watched it in so long so when thinking of my choices I decided I really fancied watching this one this week but little did I know coming up with food ideas would make me wish I'd gone with something else. All I could think was apples, apples and yes, more apples. Honestly my mum and sister are lucky they weren't fed an array of different apples or foods containing apple haha, go on try have a think what foods you'd serve and see if anything but apple spring to mind and I now realise i've said the A word way too much already, see they're even taking over this blog post.
In then end I decided to make 'Snow White's soup, it was actually a stew but we'll call it soup and I took the idea for this from Pinterest because soup is what Snow White first cooks for the dwarfs and I don't think my mum & sister would have been too keen on an overdose of apples, of course I did have to add apples in there somewhere and as well as making tea light holders (very badly may I add) from them I also did apple pie for dessert and we had lots of mini 'dwarf' goodies for the evening like chocolate mini rolls, mini eggs, mini cadburys fingers and I even got mini sized bottles of drink.

I did order a yellow tablecloth, blue plates and red napkins but sadly only the red napkins arrived in time so that was a slight fail, despite that we enjoyed the food and once again had a great evening, I can't wait till next months.

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