Walt Disney World: Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary resort

Bay Lake Tower was the second Disney resort I stayed at and happened to be on the same trip as my first ever stay onsite which as I've previously mentioned was at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The trip was a special one so I it was the perfect excuse to stay at a few resorts and deluxe ones at that ;) it's a good job I'm not one of these people who once they've tried something of higher standard they can't go back, not that all resorts aren't nice but you know what I mean going from deluxe to say a value resort wouldn't be for everyone.

Ideally my dream was to stay at The Contemporary resort itself and in the main tower but with this trip already costing quite an amount it made financial sense to rent DVC points instead and once booked and a nice amount of money saved I didn't care, to me I was still staying at The Contemporary, just a different part.

With Magic Kingdom being my favourite park and loving hotels with a more modern feel and design this was always my dream resort, yes even over Grand Floridian. Who wouldn't love a resort that is on Magic Kingdoms doorstep, we're talking a 10 minute walk here! Unfortunately there were no Park view studios available when booking so I opted for a lake view which while I wasn't getting to over look Magic Kingdom every moment of my 3 night stay there I did have a lovely view which included Epcot in the distance, not near enough to see anything but the top of the iconic 'giant golf ball' but it made me happy enough, small things.

As soon as I walked into the room i fell in love (for complete different reasons than the Animal Kingdom Lodge room) I honestly would have happily lived in that studio for the rest of my life. The decor was right up my street, I loved the really modern feel it had, the artwork on the wall was amazing, I would have took it down and snuck it in my suitcase if I thought know one would have noticed or if it would have actually fit haha. The room didn't seem that big, I've certainly stayed in larger rooms but it was a good enough size for 2 adults with a lovely balcony which I just loved sitting on admiring the view, daydreaming about never leaving and getting excited every time the monorail went by because, yes I am one of those crazy monorail obsessed Disney fans.

Apologies for the lack of room photos and quality of them, I've learnt I seem to lack in taking room photos, will fix this on all future trips I promise!

The pool areas at the resorts certainly aren't as big and impressive as Animal Kingdom Lodge but I think for this reason it seemed to attract less families with children which was a bonus because it meant a much more chilled, relaxed atmosphere while spending some relaxing time around the pool than if there had been more kids shouting and screaming as they do when playing in the pools and I still really loved it and thought it had a more adult feeling, I really did love spending a good few hours at the pool, topping up on my tan.
The Contemporary and Bay Lake Tower have a complete different look and feel to Animal Kingdom Lodge but I honestly fell in love with it just as much, the view from our room, looking at the castle every time I walked to and from the lifts, the room decor, i loved it all.

Have you stayed at this resort, if so did you enjoy it too? or do you hope to on a future trip?


  1. I haven't stayed at this resort, but we did go to the Contemporary for dinner at Chef Mickey's and had some drinks in their bar and it's definitely on my list! For me, the Grand Floridian is a bit toooo fancy and I don't think I'd feel comfortable staying there, whereas the Contemporary definitely feels a bit more relaxed. I've always loved the monorail going straight through! I'm glad you had a fab time and your view looks fantastic, even if you didn't get a Park View!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

    1. I've not done Chef Mickey's but maybe one day, in fact I've never done a character meal. I do love walking around the Grand Floridian and eating there and it does look lovely and fancy but honestly doesn't make you feel out of place being there but the rooms just don't really appeal to me to want to stay there

  2. This looks fab. I've never stayed here, but I had dinner at Chef Mickeys. I would like to know if the rooms that are in the bit that have the monorail going through are noisey? They must be surely?! Xxx

    ♥ Carly's Beauty Blog ♥

    1. For some reason I don't think they would be that bad, surely they thought about that, I'll happily stay there to find out though haha


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