Looking back: My first Disney parks experience

Growing up I remember fantasising about visiting Walt Disney World, it seemed like all the other kids at school got to go apart from me *get violins out* I know, I know, poor me. I then became an adult, its not as amazing as you think it will be when you're growing up haha and a couple of friends and I were trying to decide where to go for our first girly proper holiday, I know most people around the ago of 18-25 would probably pick a party place like Ibiza, Spain, Greece etc but we weren't into that and excitedly we opted for a week at Disney World and a week at The Atlantis in Bahamas, oh boy was it an amazing two weeks.

September 23rd 2005 age 21, I was finally stepping foot onto a plane to visit the place I'd dreamed about going since I was a child, I was far too excited than I probably should have been for my age, I would have given any kid a run for their money in the excitement stakes but I just couldn't control my happiness that I would finally be seeing that beautiful castle in person, meeting those special mice and experiencing all the amazing rides I'd seen photos, videos and read about.

Back when we booked I have to admit I wasn't the obsessed organised planner I am now, I didn't know all the things about Disney World I now do so picking a hotel wasn't about if it was onsite at Disney or not, rather a case of did it look nice, was it close enough to the parks etc and The Buena Vista Palace really caught our eyes when looking through the Virgin Holidays brochure, mostly because it had the name palace in it, haha yes we were those type of people. It actually ended up being a really great choice though, the rooms were a fantastic size, staff were great, location was excellent as it was just across the road from Downtown Disney as it was then called (and probably always will be to me) we also had a fantastic view with a room on the 22nd floor or there abouts, I know it was really high up. 

Our first park of course had to be Magic Kingdom and from the moment I walked in and saw the castle at the end of Main Street I was hooked, I knew I'd be back again and again, I choked up and couldn't believe I was finally there, i felt like a dream had finally come true, and it had.
We spent the next week trying to fit in as much as possible, it was crazy but thankfully the crowds were on our side and we managed almost everything and nearly all the parks we planned, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios (or MGM as it was), Epcot, Blizzard Beach, Discovery Cove, Seaward, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure and not forgetting all important shopping too, so we only missed out on Animal Kingdom but I knew I'd be back some day and would get a chance to go there. We rode the rides, met lots of characters, ate delicious food and truly had the time of our lives, its a holiday i'll never forget and it confirmed what I always suspected, Disney is my happy place, its where I belong and it doesn't matter how old you are, it will bring out the child in you and you know what? thats really ok.

Do you remember your first Disney parks experience? did you go as a child or like me have to wait till you was a 'grown up'?


  1. This post made me smile :) I took my first Disney trip to Disneyland when I was 5 and then another one when I was 7. My biggest memories are watching the Electric Light Parade & riding Star Tours. I didn't fall in love with Disney until my hubby and I went on our honeymoon, that is when I got hooked.

    1. Aww I'm jealous you got to visit as a child, part of me really wishes I had but I'm also glad my first visit was as an adult when I truly could enjoy it all and appreciate every little special part of Disney


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