Looking back: Long weekend in NYC

I spent years and I mean years dreaming about visiting New York, I remember watching Home alone 2 back in the 90's and that's when it started, my obsession with needing to visit the Big Apple at Christmas time, i wanted to see the tree at Rockereller center, Ice skate in Central park, stay at The Plaza hotel and so on.
For years I declared to just about everyone I knew how I was so desperate to go, how much I needed to go and just how amazing it looked and then finally, finally I had a trip booked to the city I dreamed of visiting for about 20 odd years, I was finally going to be in New York city and seeing all the amazing sites I'd seen in not only Home Alone 2 but lots of other amazing films and TV shows filmed there.

2010 was finally my year and the most shocking part was.....I was going in June *puts my head in my hands* haha I wish I was kidding here, 20 years of dreaming to visit NYC at Christmas and I'm booked to go in June, you couldn't make these things up but at least I was finally going, that I was very grateful for.
A lovely long weekend was booked, I was going to spending 4 nights in NYC and I couldn't contain my excitement, just a pity I was packing shorts and t-shirts rather than jumpers, scarfs and gloves. We got a great price for flights in the Virgin Atlantic christmas sale they seem to have every year and decided to book a hotel away from the hustle and craziness of Times Square area, in fact we opted for one of the least tourist areas in NYC, The financial district. We got a great deal though and I had no issues with opting for a nicer hotel in a less common area for tourists than a more cheaper hotel in one of the more popular, busy areas, so with 4 nights booked at The Millennium Hilton it was just left to do the research and planning.

We managed to fit so much of the usual tourist stuff into those 4 nights and had an absolute blast, New York was everything I expected it to be and more, i fell in love. To be honest I was slightly worried I'd go and be disappointed because it would be just another crazy, big city like the one I live in and have to admit, I'm not to keen on, in fact I'd happily move from and probably not miss at all but it wasn't, it was amazing. Some lovely walks around the city were enjoyed as well as Central park, we visited the obvious places and shops like FAO Schwarz to of course have a little play on the famous piano from the movie Big, went on a lovely boat tour around the Hudson river, a tour of Madison Square Gardens  and went up both The Empire State building & Top of the Rock, we decided to do one during the day and one at night to enjoy a complete different experience which I'd highly recommend, the most touching part of the trip however was visiting a 9/11 Tribute centre. Our hotel room also happened to overlook where the twin towers once stood and due to how high up our room was we had a lovely view from there but very sad too, looking out the window and thinking about the tragic events.

Although visiting NYC at Christmas time had always been my dream I was actually really glad my first visit was during a much warmer time of year because it meant I was able to enjoy the city much more, walking around and taking in everything without absolutely freezing to death, I definitely want to return and this time will be at Christmas though when the city is all beautifully decorated for the festive holiday and I can ice skate in Central Park and see the glorious huge Christmas tree at The Rockefeller Centre.

Have you visited New York or do you want to? or are you one of these people who have absolutely no interest in going? I know there's a few crazy people like that out there ;)

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  1. Fantastic photos - I went to nyc in December 2010 - great trip but I have never been so cold! No snow but it was -10 with a windchill too. If we go again I would go in Spring or Autumn. Have you been to Boston? another great city, wish I could live there (or Orlando!)


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