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2 years ago, wow I can't actually believe it was 2 years ago now, I was celebrating a big birthday, you know one of those special occasion ones where you have to do something extra special, plus I needed to do something good to take away from the fact of how old I was getting haha.
So with that in mind when I was asked what I wanted to do to celebrate or have, I was given a budget and told I could either go somewhere or have something, there was only one option and that was a Disney cruise of course.

I'd be dreaming about one for a few years, although I was rather worried as I'm not good on boats and get terrible sea sickness I really wanted to experience a cruise and of course it was only right that a Disney one would be the first, come on, there wasn't any other cruise liner you'd expect me to book with for my first cruise is there?
Of course being the planner, researcher and the one in control of the booking (it's best that way because then no mistakes happen) it didn't take me long to discover that the Disney Magic happened to be sailing the 4 night Bahamas itinerary right over my birthday, how perfect, that was that sorted then and of course we couldn't go all the way to Florida just for 4 nights so 3 nights at WDW were also added on, 2 nights pre cruise and 1 night post and with everything booked and sorted it was just a countdown to the exciting holiday.

Knowing that is was likely that very little time would be spent in the stateroom it was sense to just go for an inside cabin and use the extra money a cabin with a verandah would have cost to buy goodies. Having been to the Bahamas before I was excited to go back and see if The Atlantis had changed much but more than that, I could not wait to step off that ship and onto Disney's private island, Castaway Cay, I'd seen it so much in pictures, read so many trip reports from people who had visited and it just seemed amazing, almost as amazing as the Disney cruise ships themselves which looked out of this world with the detailing, food, service and just general atmosphere, I couldn't wait to be aboard the ship and enjoying it in all it's glory.

Before I even stepped on the ship, in fact from the moment I saw it in the distance when I was driving to Port Canaveral I instantly fell in love and knew I was going to have the most amazing 4 nights. Even the terminal was done so well and had me even more excited, we checked in and only had to wait about 15 minutes before we could board but the time went pretty quickly as we check out the amazing model in the middle of the terminal and before we knew it we were walking through the Mickey head shaped arch, through the tunnel leading to the ship and stepping on with the staff announcing our arrival, I love how the welcome every family on board, such a small but special touch.

Our stateroom wouldn't be ready for another hour or so, I think it's around 2pm they are ready and your luggage arrives around 4/5pm. With this in mind it meant it was time to have a quick walk around the ship before making a beeline to the food, I couldn't wait to start of this cruise the way I planned to enjoy it everyday, by eating all the good I could haha! Might as well make the most of this delicious food especially when its all included in the price ;) and enjoy the beautiful sunshine with a cocktail in hand sat by the pool.

I don't think there is a single bad thing I can say about the cruise, everything was amazing, from the way they handle the hygiene (bugs are quite a risk at sea apparently), to the food, the service you get from your stateroom host, embarkation and disembarkation process, everything was just spot on, I loved it so much I'd probably go as far as saying it ever so slightly beat being at Walt Disney World, yes it truly is that special, I've never received service in my life like I did onboard, every cast member went above and beyond to make sure you were having the perfect time and there were no problems 24/7. If you wasn't enjoying a meal - they'd bring you something else, can't decide which meal to pick on the menu - they'll bring you both, you order a certain drink with your meal of an evening - they'll remember after a couple of days and make sure it's waiting for you when you arrive for dinner, they're just fabulous.

One of my absolute favourite things was the character meets, it just felt so much more relaxed and less crazy than at the parks, a number of times I was just walking about the ship and bumped into a Princess, Mickey, or another character and they'll just stop and have a chat with you, take a photo and you don't have 10's of children come running up trying to get in on your fun, not that I have an issue with children, of course I don't and I expect them as it is Disney but in situations like this you'd just think the characters would get hounded but they don't. And while I'm on the subject of children a HUGE bonus for those travelling without them, the adult only areas, I cannot tell you what a bliss these are, no offence to those with little ones but it's nice to relax in the sun, be in the pool and not experience children screaming and splashing around me constantly, it's pure bliss.

Spending my birthday in a bikini, relaxing at the beach and swimming in crystal clear sea water in The Bahamas was absolute perfection, I couldn't actually believe it was my birthday and I was sunbathing because I was always used to being freezing, usually with some pathetic excuse of snow, it certainly set a standard of how I'd like to spend my birthdays in future, sadly it hasn't happened again since but maybe next year. But I am excited, very excited for the fact that I'll be stepping aboard another Disney cruise this year and cannot wait to experience the Disney Fantasy this time.

Have you been on a Disney cruise or plan to? or perhaps have no intentions of ever doing so because you hate the thought of cruising?

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