Walt Disney World: Away from the parks

Hello my lovely readers, have you all woken up to snow? its seems a lot of the country has but there's none where I am which doesn't surprise me at all. Like most Sundays I'm spending the day relaxing, eating and Disney dreaming, with the Disney dreaming in mind I figured it would be appropriate to do a Disney themed post today.

When it comes to Disney World everyones mind just jumps straight to the parks and I get why, thats what you think of doing non stop when you've spent thousands of pounds to go there but if you can take some time away from the parks to spend at the resorts you'll find there's also some great, fun stuff to do out of the parks too.

Back in January 2014 I spent 3 nights onsite at WDW pre and post cruise and had a lovely time and to some peoples surprise I didn't step foot in a park during the stay. Time was spent exploring some resorts, at Downtown Disney and just generally enjoying things Disney World has to offer out of the parks, so here's 5 of my favourite things to do when you want some more quiet time away from the parks for a bit.

1 - Take a boat ride, you can either hire a number of different boats at some of the resorts or if you fancy doing something for free just jump on one of the resort boats and enjoy the time relaxing and admiring how beautiful everything is. During the non park trip we decided to take the boat from Downtown Disney Disney Springs to Port Orleans resort, it took about 15-20 unites and was just a lovely was to relax, enjoy seeing parts of Disney we'd probably not get to see otherwise and if we hadn't we'd probably never have bothered going to explore the Port Orleans resorts as getting a bus to them just to have a look round has never appealed to me.

2. Watch a movie at your resort pool, I actually had never done this till my trip last year but it was great fun filling my cup up, grabbing a Mickey Ice cream sandwich and just laying back by the pool in the evening and enjoying a Disney movie. Each resort does this and on a number of days throughout the week will have a different movie on, they normally start at 7pm and I just think its such a great way to wind down and relax after a busy day in the parks.

3. Hire a surrey bike, or a different type of bike if you wish. There are a number of resorts you can do this at including Port Orleans and Boardwalk, as we had taken the boat to Port Orleans we decided to hire one from here as we were there anyway. It was great fun but I won't lie, it's not easy, in fact my legs were rather tired by the time our 30 minutes was up but we got to cycle all around Riverside and French Quarter and it was a beautiful area to cycle around, we really enjoyed it and had quite a laugh trying to cycle at the same pace, have to admit i often sneaky lifted my feet off the peddles so I wasn't doing any work ;)

4. I love just spending time exploring the resorts, having some food and looking in the shops, seeing what resort specific merchandise they have and taking in the beauty of them, Animal Kingdom lodge and Grand Floridian are just 2 of my favourites to do this at, I could spend hours just walking around and enjoying their beauty. I even got to enjoy watching my favourite fireworks, Wishes without stepping foot in Magic Kingdom, after a delicious dinner at Ohana we went down to the Polynesian beach to enjoy them and the music was even being played from the speakers around the resort beach.

5. Of course it goes without saying, spend some time shopping, ok this isn't going to be free and will likely cost you quite a bit because I'll be honest, there's a lot of amazing things to buy and you can spend hours upon hours in the shops at Disney Springs alone so I definitely say allow some time during your trip to do that. I love walking around the World of Disney store at Disney Springs, the shop if just huge and full of pretty much everything you could ever want, on every trip I spend hours in there drooling at the things I'd buy if it weren't for the fear of them getting broken on the 9 hour flight home or the fact I simply don't have nearly $40,000 to spend on a Swarovski crystal model of Cinderella's castle.

Do you enjoy spending time out of the parks too while at Disney World, what are some of the fun things you've done or always make sure you do on your trips?


  1. I loved this! We did a few of these things, we stayed at Caribbean Beach last year and watched a movie under the stars which was amazing- and of course we went shopping! I'd love to do more out of the parks next time, but a lot of our time was spent in the parks to make the most of it! Thanks for sharing your tips! :)

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

    1. It is hard to drag yourself away from he parks especially when you have it in your mind that they're the reason you're there but it really is worth seeing what Disney has to offer apart from the amazing parks

  2. Great ideas! We like to spend a few afternoons at the resort pools, sunbathing/reading/napping. Another fun thing to do are the miniature golf courses, Fantasia Gardens and Winter Summerland.. they are both really well themed and are relatively cheap (often entry is included in UK WDW tickets too)

    1. I've never got around to using the mini golf courses, every time I've had it planned it would start to rain, think it's a sign for me not to bother because i'll lose haha!


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