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I'm sure we've all got one, well us Disney addicts anyway, it's a Disney bucket list and in honour of hosting the Disney bloggers chat on Twitter this evening for the first time (which can I add I'm so excited for) I figured I'd write a post that fits well with my topic of choice, which if you join us at 8pm you'll find out what it is ;)

If you're Disney mad like myself then I have no doubt that you've also sat there and thought all about those amazing Disney things you'd love to do, whether it be related to a certain park, all the parks or something none park related at all, we've all got our list.
So many times I've sat there and thought about mine, I've added new things, lucky to have ticked off somethings and daydreamed more often about winning the lottery and completing them all than I have about anything else I'd love to do in life, I just can't help it, even at my age Disney is my number one.
I won't share all those Disney things I like to fantasise and dream that one day I can achieve because, well lets face it, no one wants to read a blog post THAT long so I've cut it down to 5 of them.

1. Visit every Disney park around the world, now I'm sure I'm not alone in this one and I reckon it's likely to be one of the most obvious and common ones. I've been very fortunate to tick 3 off the list so far, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort California and Disneyland Paris but I've yet to fly out to Asia and visit the parks there, with the Shanghai opening date now announced it's really got me thinking and considering trying to achieve this one within the next couple of years.

2. Keys to the Kingdom tour, I've wanted to do this tour at WDW for a few years now, every time someone mentions how amazing it is I could kick myself for still not doing it. I actually had it booked for my trip last September (which you can read about here) but as my friend then decided to come on the trip and didn't fancy the tour or being alone for 5 hours or so while I did it, I sadly cancelled but I can assure you that my next WDW trip I will not be coming away having not done this.

3. Stay at every Disney resort, keeping this just to WDW resorts would probably make it more achievable but hey this is my bucket list and that means having dreams and hopes on it, even if they're unlikely, that is what a bucket list is all about after all isn't it?. So far I've managed 5 of the WDW resorts and 1 DLP resort so I have a LOT to go to complete this one and it will probably take a lottery win if I'm honest but one can dream and in the words of Walt Disney himself - "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them".

4. Eat at Club 33, I don't know anyone who is a member here so I can never see this one happening but as I say a bucket list is all about dreaming and goals so why not have it on my list. I've read about a lucky few people on blogs and forums who have been lucky enough to eat here as they know someone who has a membership or something equally as lucky and I'm like a green eyed monster every time, please someone take me.

5. Stay in Cinderella's castle, obviously this one is near on impossible and even with all the money in world I reckon I'd still struggle to achieve it as apparently it's one of those 'money can't buy' things, but I'd offer all the millions I had, well if I had lots of millions that is haha! Oh, but can you imagine falling asleep in that beautiful castle and feeling like a true princess waking up there? it would be the most magical experience in the world I imagine, for now I can only imagine but maybe one day i'll be lucky enough to be able to write about my amazing experience of staying there for the night and sharing how special it was with you all, I won't get my hopes up just yet though.

What's on your Disney bucket list? don't tell me you don't have one because I won't believe you ;)


  1. We did Keys to the Kingdom to start our trip, it was AMAZING! Definitely do it, you won't regret it!

    1. I'm definitely going to do it, I will forever regret it if I never experience this tour, it just sounds so amazing and I've never heard anyway give bad feedback from it.

  2. Pretty much all of this is on my bucket list too haha!
    I really want to do keys to the kingdom, purely to see my beloved utilidors again <3

    1. Those utilidors are a huge part of the reason I want to do this tour, I'd love to be able to say i've been in them. Hope you get to tick all these things off your list too then :)


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