Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom Lodge

If you don't know Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of Disney Worlds deluxe resorts and where have you been hiding if you didn't? to me it's one of the stand out ones purely because it seems so different from the others, it has animals roaming around for starters and I haven't seen giraffe from my room before at any other Disney resort or any hotel for that matter.

As I mentioned in my onsite vs offsite post my first experience of staying onsite was at The Animal Kingdom Lodge, talk about setting myself up for expensive future trips, I was bound to fall in love and want to stay there over and over again.
From the moment the magical express coach pulled into the hotel I was blown away, the building just from the outside was stunning, I was greeted with a 'welcome home' as I pulled my suitcase through the doors into the amazing lobby and it instantly hit me 'this is why people love staying onsite' I didn't need to wait till I got to the parks to feel like i was 'home', that I was surrounded and filled with Disney magic, it was here already and I'd only walked into the hotel lobby, it was perfect. I didn't think it could get any better but it did, the happiness and just general Disney magic from the cast members was everywhere, they were all so helpful and friendly and then I walked into our room and I was in awe, it can only be described as stunning, the theming was just incredible and done so well, if you're thinking you'd hate the onsite hotel because you'd be sick of Mickey mouse bedding and wallpaper everywhere you turn then think again, there was none of that in sight, any Disney decor was done so well and the deluxe resorts really no how to add those touches but without going overboard, its perfect for the more grown up kids amongst us visiting.

I mean where else can you sit on your room balcony and watch animals? its simply out of this world and a beautiful resort, I love it so much I've booked my 3rd stay there for September this year and cannot wait to return 'home'.

Have you stayed at this resort or any other Walt Disney World one? do you have a dream Disney resort your love to stay at one day?

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  1. I've always wanted to stay at AKL, it looks so amazing! My favourite resort I've stayed at so far is Art of Animation because I love the little mermaid! Hopefully I'll get round to staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge at some point too!



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