30 before 30

Oh who am I trying to kid, I'm now past the point of being able to create a 30 before 30 list, if you're past that point too then lets all wipe away our tears now and remember 'you're only as old as you feel' and frankly, well I'm felling 22!, can you guess what I'm currently listening to?

Oh yes as much as I actually had no issues with turning 30 I have decided I've gone back to my 20's haha, according to quite a few people who seem shocked when I say my age I don't look it and I certainly don't feel it so why the hell not?! plus the twist and turns my life seemed to take in 2015 I'd rather think of myself younger, being 'here' in my 30's seems a little daunting and certainly not how I saw my life shaping out, but hey ho, what can you do when life throws you a plot twist.

On my old blog I used to have a list of things I wanted to do before I hit 35, I have to admit I can't remember everything that was on the list or how many things I had on there, have a feeling it certainly wasn't 35, I couldn't come up with that much. In a celebration of reaching another milestone towards that point I figured it was a perfect time to write one again and this time not delete it and really try to tick those things off.
For now I'm going to go quite easy on myself and will make a list of just 10 but this is something I want to keep updated and as I achieve something will add something new to the list till I reach '35 before 35'.

1. Experience Disney all around the world || Might as well start big, I'm all for going big or going home, so with that in mind one of the biggest goals I have to achieve before I'm 35 is to have visited every Disney park around the world. This is something that has been on my bucket list for years and years now, its probably one of most Disney fans goals, who wouldn't want to experience every park? and with Shanghai opening in June and looking beautiful it is really tempting me to try and get there next year and while I'm there it would be wrong to not visit Tokyo and Hong Kong too so maybe, if I somehow save enough this one could happen within the next year or two.

2. Have a spa day/break || this one just shocks me constantly that I've still not done it, it's something that really is me, I know I'd love it so much as I'm all for pampering and relaxing especially with a nice glass of champagne so I've no idea how I've got to this age without managing to do one, I think this year we'll see this ticked off the list. 

3. Raise money for charity || this is something I have done before but not for many, many years and I have to say there is a great feeling to it. Knowing you're doing good for a charity and  helping others is a wonderful feeling and as I can't do things like give blood due to health reason I feel like this is another way to truly help other people, a great way to make you feel good about yourself I think.

4. Attend a red carpet event || ok this one is so unlikely but why the hell shouldn't I aim big and who wouldn't love to get all dressed up in a stunning gown, amazing hair and makeup and just play the celeb for the evening and walk down the red carpet at an event, a Disney movie premier would be the ultimate goal but I'll take what I can get with this one ;) 

5. Visit a new place each year || Last year, or possibly towards the end of 2014 I made a deal with myself that instead of returning to places I'd already visited I'd holiday and explore somewhere new, well if you read about my trips last year then you'll know that I failed miserably at this straight away so with it quite clearly being far too impossible for me I've decided to change it slightly and I'm very much allowed to return to the amazing places I love but alongside I must, and I mean MUST also visit somewhere new for at least one night each year too, it can be in this country or another country just as long as I've never been before and I stay for at least 24 hours.

6. Buy a really expensive handbag || I am forever lusting over handbags that cost over £1000 dreaming of the day I can justify spending that much money on one, right now I'm dreaming of Givenchy and Chloe, one day, somehow I want to see one of these beauties sitting in my wardrobe.

7. Make a cake for someones birthday || I've really got into baking in the last 10 months or so and according to friends and family and not to blow my own trumpet, my cakes taste pretty damn good but I have one quite big issues, I can't get the decorating good, I guess it's a case of practise makes perfect but I've had a lot of practise and well, let me be honest here, it hasn't made me close to perfect. I'm determined to get there though and want to get it at least good enough to bake a great looking cake for a family or friends birthday.

8. Be more adventurous and step out my comfort zone || I know what I like and I tend to stick to it, if I think I won't like a food, a film, a place then I just won't bother, I want to stop this, I want to open my mind more and try new things instead of sticking to what I know. I'm also quite a shy person and because of that tend to shy away from meeting new people, talking to new people (I'm fine with typing away however) I also want to start being more better with this, I want to meet some of the lovely friends I've made online, especially the Disney community ones, I want to stop being so shy and just go to meet up's etc and be the bubbly, fun, crazy person I am around people who don't know me and not just the ones that do.

9. Stick with this blog || Looking back I'm really disappointed that I let my past blog die and deleted it, some of the posts I'm glad I never have to read and re-live again but some I would actually have liked to look back on. At the time I loved having that blog, it was just a great little hobby for me but when some really tough crap started getting too much (if you read it you might figure out it was all to do with the baby, or rather lack of and IVF stuff) I just couldn't focus on it anymore, I needed time away and to be honest it was the best thing for me, but I'm determined to stick with this one for good.

10. Go on a birthday trip || One of my all time favourite holidays was celebrating my 30th on a Disney cruise, being away for my birthday was fabulous, having it involve Disney, well that made it even more better. I actually loved celebrating my birthday away and it was the first time I'd ever done it, with it being a big birthday I always had in my mind that I'd go away for it and as I loved it so much it's something I definitely want to do again no doubt will not be staying home when I turn the dreaded 4-0, gawd thats sounds such a long, long time away and a crazy thing to even say, I don't even feel 30, let alone think about turning 40.

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